Monday, August 27, 2012


Oh Utah! I feel like we don't take very many trips without stopping in Utah. We love it there and really do miss a lot about it. It's sad to say that as more time goes by its crazy how much it doesn't feel like home anymore. We were so lucky to see all the family while we were there. There is always more friends we wish we had time to see or that scheduled would of worked out a little better but you do what you can. My parents recently built a home in woodland hills and it is any kids dream. We got in super late so the boys were already asleep by the time we got to the house. When Lincoln woke up the next morning it was like Christmas. My mom has been gone a lot working on the house so we would facetime her and she would show the boys the fun things. So that morning Lincoln couldn't believe the stuff was real. It really was so cute! All that hard work sure payed off GRAMMY!

Lincoln and Trey just loved Justin and Kaden. They were so good to the boys and would do anything for them. One night all the kids wanted to sleep on the top bunk so Justin slept in between Lincoln and Trey. It really was so cute. Justin didn't last long, it was a little crowded, but he waited until the boys were asleep and then came out. They really just took care of the boys the whole time. My kids were so sad to leave and still talk about Kaden and Justin. Anytime Trey see's a teenage boy with blond hair he gets all excited and thinks its Justin. Then little miss Morgan loves the babies. I think the only time I had to worry about Shane was when he was hungry. She would rock him to sleep, feed him bottle, food, you name it she was on top of it.

One of the nights David and Jenny's older kids stayed at the house with the other grandkids and that was a lot of fun for my boys. Lincoln still talks about Iron Giant(you know the one that my cousin Jackson likes). I love cousins and it really is hard to leave.

Shannon and Adam were both able to come down to my mom's house a few times and the kids were able to play with the cousins. Before we even got to Utah, Lincoln kept asking when we were going to go play with his cousin Collin. Collin was really cute and wanted to hold Shane and Eden was just a little doll. I just couldn't get enough of her. She is such a cute, cute girl!

  Playing golf at Suz and Jeff's house. Lincoln keeps telling Grammy this is what she needs at her house.

 My boys just love Pompom
 The zip-line!

 Thanks Aunt Christy!
 looking after the boys!

 and more crazy faces!

water balloon baseball!

 built-in fire pit because no open flames with all the fires
 My little 4th of July boys! Always matching!
 silly string fight! Grammy did a good job of having fun things for the kids since we didnt get to do fireworks this year with the fires!

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  1. oh my heck, a zip line?? that house does look like any kids heaven. how fun!