Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My grandma told me a while ago to write down the funny things the kids say because you will forget them. Every time they say something cute or funny I think to write it down but I really want to make a conscious effort, so here are a couple. 

The other day he had a bowl of Life cereal that he ate half of later decided to come back to. I heard him talking saying, I'm going to have more Life, and then got to the bowl and said,"Life why are you now oatmeal?"

He was in relief society with me, and during the lesson the teacher said something about being a mom and trying not to always say no to your kids. Lincoln heard that and said, "We don't say no, we don't talk back to our moms." I guess I know he at least listens. 

Josh was telling Lincoln to not get any bigger and Lincoln told him that he has to get bigger so he can play soccer and that once he eats his cereal he will be so big. He will get bigger and bigger all the way to the ceiling. 

Just a few of the many! I'm sure many more to come. 

3 Boys in a Tub

Trey didn't want anything to do with taking pictures, so I'll have to get some better ones another time, but Shane was so happy to be in the tub with the boys!

Shaving with Daddy!

 Our mischievous 2 year old!

 Look at how perfect Lincoln puts his Shaving cream on.

This is the boys favorite thing to do with Daddy right now. They think they are so big and of course Trey loves anything that is messy! Lincoln was not sure about the shaving cream on his face at first but he came around to it.

Cuddle Bugs!

There are very few days that Lincoln does not ask to hold Shane. Shane will last a minute and then he is done but the other morning they were straight up cuddling for a long time. They were both so happy and it was so cute!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First Beach trip of the Year

 Who's kids are those anyways.

Our First beach trip of the year and our Shane's first beach trip ever. He was so good, just soaking it all in. He of course was so happy and found the sand toward the end.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Petersen Family Tradition


When Leonard graduated, all the kids and Kathie put on cap and gown because it was a family effort, and they all did it together. I loved the idea so here is our Petersen Graduating Family!

Four BIG thank you's!

Like I said, lots and lots of emotions on this day! The 4 people we couldn't of done it without. I can't tell you how many times I would hear Josh talking to his parents on the phone. From the beginning when we were deciding to come to Houston to the very end, Josh's parents have always been there. My parents we literally couldn't of done without. I think it was 2 weeks after we moved to Texas I ended up in the hospital with kidney stones while being pregnant. Dealing with that and then a colicky baby for 4 months we ended up staying at my parents house almost the first year of Josh's law school. My dad has and still is Josh's best friend here. If there is anything he needs or someone to go do something with its been my dad. How lucky I am that they have that kind of relationship. Then throughout the entire time we were here my mom watched the boys while I went to work. Working and leaving the boys was hard enough but everyday I had to leave them I was able to have some comfort in knowing they were with my mom. This was definitely a time commitment for my mom and a little mixed feeling for her making sure she was still the grammy, and then once Shane came even more of a struggle. It was hard on her at times, but through the 3 years she never threw in the towel. I know where I get that drive from and love her so much for it.  There is no way to really ever let our parents know how grateful we are to have them, and we truly mean when we same we couldn't of done this without them. We love you very much and thank you for everything!

Meeting up After Graduation!

 I never get kissing pictures... this one was deserved!