Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cute little biscuits!

So yes were doing it, potty training the Trey Trey. I figured when he was already telling me and was pooping in the toilet, and pulling off his diaper at the park to go potty it was time. Trey wants to wear underwear so bad like Lincoln so that too has helped. My mom and left Thursday to drive the truck to Utah so I have 2 1/2 weeks to just be at home with them( not good for the bank account but I love every second. I feel like I'm a better mom and wife).

So of course I let Trey pick which undies he want, and he picked spiderman. I guess he is the only 2 year old that wants spiderman for underwear because I could not find his size anywhere, not even online. I did find a few packages that had a few pairs in a package of six. He was so happy to see the spiderman that he started taking his pants off in the store right there to put on his new ones.

After day 2 I think he realizes what it feels like to pee and that you don't have to push but we're still
Working on him telling me when he needs to go. if anyone has pointers let me know. I know this is bad but it seemed to work okay on
Lincoln, but I don't really have a big potty training plan, just making sure he drinks lots of water and setting a timer to go ever 30-44 minutes. So like I said if you have any tips let me know!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just a few favorites

I don't think I could love these kids any more than I do!! Everyday I love them more and more!

Strawberry Patch

Chelsea and I were taking about going to strawberry patch in Alvin one day and so she called and said she was going so we loaded up with Tamra all in her car, no empty seats, 5 car seats a prego and headed to alvin. It really ended up being so much fun. I stopped by my moms house before we left while they were doing the garage sale and I could tell she really wanted to come but was still doing the sale. By the time we got all ready to go she was finished so she met us up there and the boys were so excited to have Grammy there! This strawberry patch was awesome! It's all organic, no bugs nothing chemical wise so you can't eat the berries, it was great! One of the rules was you must pay for what you pick so they don't want you eating the berries in the filed. As you can see Trey didn't really understand that rule! After we paid for them the boys just sat on the floor and just kept eating. we had yummy BBQ for lunch and enjoyed the farmers market. I love that I have friends here that I can call up and will do fun things with me, it really is fun for the kids and I love doing that kind of stuff!

Astros game with Daddy

Josh has had 3 big papers he has needed to write his semester so he has been gone a lot. Now along with the paper it's finals time so we have not seen a whole lot of daddy but his professor got tickets to the Astros game so we invite Nate and Chelsea and went to the game. We had so much fun and it was nice to have an evening with Josh and the kids! Oh and remember how I said Lincoln thinks every time you go to the game you get a ball? He told Josh dad we haven't gotten a ball yet,"I have a good idea, let's go to the store where there are lots of balls we can buy!!" thanks to papa! About the 5th inning the people that walk around and throw stuff in the fans came right to out section and were throwing the soft Astros balls. Not to brag or anything but I totally caught one left handed while holding Shane! It was pretty awesome! Then Nate caught one too and gave it to Trey so both of the boys got one. Lincoln was so excited he told Josh," I told ya dad,I knew the Astros could hit it up this high to us!"

The last picture is to show how much daddy is gone! We pretty much have a jungle in our backyard and I think the weeds now are as tall as I am now!

Opening game/golfing

Papa and pompom took Lincoln to opening game and he had so much fun! Lincoln got a ball at the last game he was at so I think he now thinks he gets one at every game. Papa took Lincoln to get a ball from the store and that worked out just as well. My dad told me they had to make sure and get 2 balls because Lincoln told papa that Trey needed one to. I love to hear that because they really are such good buddies. Trey was pretty sad when Lincoln got to go with papa and I think he is starting to get old enough to realize when Lincoln gets rondo stuff and he doesn't. So Trey, Shane and I went to the driving range and Trey had so much fun, that after an hour and a half I fought him to get in the car. I think he forgot about Lincoln not being there and I actually think he really liked it just being him!

Family Easter Pictures

Always take a few!!

The Final Hunt

Grandma and pompom made a really good Easter dinner and had and egg hint for the boys as well as for all the adults. It was actually really fun watching everyone look for thief eggs. I think Teri was so cute when she found hers because she cheered out load! Then uncle Kevin wrote on scotch tape my dads name on the egg that grandma has in her book shelf and dad totally thought it was his egg. You know uncle Kevin just loved that!! Age definitely doesn't matter!

Papa and Gram's house

Trey's new nickname for Grammy is gram, and I just love it! One day he just started calling her that and I think it's so cute! Mom and dad made really nice breakfast and had an Easter egg hunt for the boys! It was funny watching Trey at first because he started looking under the couch and in a lot harder places than papa had hid them. Gram and papa gave the boys these cite swim towels and Trey decided he was going to wear it around the house!

Easter Morning

Lincoln and Trey have been into Diego lately, so the Easter bunny brought the boys rescue packs! They were so excited they had to take them to Grammy and papas and then we of course walked into church with them! Oh well, they looked so cute!