Saturday, February 26, 2011

I almost Forgot... the mani, pedi!

I think for all the weddings, or at least the last few weddings, my mom has treated us girls to a manicure and pedicure! Its a fun girls thing we get to do! This little place was so cute! It was a really fun atmosphere and they had yummy food for all of us!

Lincoln was in Heaven

Jeff and Suz just finished there backyard and part of it was a little putting green! It was a little cold and had snowed the whole day before, so Jeff and Ryan got off all the snow so Lincoln could play and he just loved it. Poor little things was so bundled he could hardly move but it was so dang cute to watch him pay!

More then just the Wedding in Utah!

We were so lucky this trip because we were able to see a lot of Josh's family as well! Josh's mom drove down from Idaho to help us with the boys. Because we had so much going on and not a lot of it was meant for the boys, she was great to take them and they LOVED HER! I was a little nervous they would not go with her because Lincoln gets shy but they just clung to her, and they continue to just talk about her. I wish his parents lived closer but so grateful they come when they can. THANK THANK AGAIN
Shannon, Collin and Eden of course live in Orem still and we were able to see Shannon at the wedding and then spent the night one night at there house and spend a little more time with them. We wish it could of been longer but it was still great to see them. I think she took some pictures, so i need to get them from her. While we were at Shannon's Sunday morning it just so happened that Cory and Brett were in town as well. So we were able to see them and there sweet little Lucian. He has gotten so big I cant believe it. he is almost bigger than Trey! (our poor short little boys)
We were also able to see Steve, Rach, Hallie and Natalie. This was the first time for us to meet sweet little Natalie and she was so cute! She is a little chunk and I love it. She was so happy and so cute. And of course little Hallie, talking like crazy. I love her little personality and the things she comes up with! We wish so bad we lived by more of our family, but it was so great to see everyone!

Derek and Brittanys Wedding!

Wallin's and the Butlers Waiting for pictures, you can tell Trey was super excited! the Butlers Derek and Brit with most of the cousins Our family Emma, Jenny and I Having FUN Getting Crazy the send off! I stole a few of the pictures from Emmas blog, and once I find more Ill post more! The reception was beautiful! My mom put in a lot of work and it turned out so well! We had a lot of fun dancing, and the food was great! Sad to say this is the last Butler Wedding!

the Wedding!! Daddy Daughter Dance!

You have to check this out!! My dad and Britty had such a cute Daddy Daughter Dance!

Happy Valentines Day!

For one of our RS activities we made these candy bouquets, which I thought was such a cute idea. After I made one for Josh and was thinking about what to do for the boys, i thought what better than to put together the same thing with some of there favorites! I think they turned out so cute! I was sad to not be able to be with the boys on Valentines Day but Grammy did a great job of spoiling them with lots of candy, and "cake pops" Lincoln's favorite! Grammy did such a good job I couldn't use candy as a bribe to save my life that night!

Trey and his Daddy!

I love this video, it is so cute!! Trey is such a good baby(I'm not such I'll be able to call him a baby much longer, he is getting so big) I love that he just loves life, and that he laughs so easily!

Lincoln and Daddy

Of course Lincoln is still a huge Daddy's fan!! He loves hanging out with him! Lincoln's new thing is to watch Toy Story 3 with a little Fruit Loops in the morning, and this particular morning he really wanted his Daddy to come in with him!

Back in January!! Sam, Sheerstie and Jaylee

I am so behind... these next 5 blogs are just for Rachel!! All at once! Sam, Sheerstie and Jaylee cam about a month ago to vivit us. It was so much fun, we just loved it. I didnt take a whole lot of pictures which I was bummed about but we really had a lot of fun. Of course we had to go to some of our favorite restaurants, Taste of Texas, and Rudy's. We also made our way to the Galleria, Charming Charlie's and of course the boys played a lot of golf. We wish they could of stayed longer but were so excited they were able to come. Of course we loved them being here which then of course made it hard for them to leave. We wish we lived in a perfect world and we lived close to each other.