Friday, October 05, 2012

Finally Cool Enough for Outside

Playing a little croquet in the front yard. The boys love being outside, so its nice that the weather has dropped enough for them to play out there. They all had fun until the boys got to close to each other and Lincoln got a mallet to the face, and ended up with a black eye.

Playing with Daddy!

They put these foam blocks in their mouth and starting shooting them at Josh, so Josh started shooting back. The boys were laughing so hard. Trey was laughing so hard he couldn't shoot the block out of his mouth. It was so cute and so funny!

Watching the Ryder Cup

Boys had to be in the room with daddy watching the Ryder cup, but still wanted to play, so they grabbed their clubs, set up their own course and on they went!

Lincoln's Joy School!

This year I really wanted Lincoln to do some type of school to help him learn to go to places without me, learn, play with friends and I just knew he would love it. After a little drama we got a group together that I just love and it has been great. The first few times Lincoln sat at the door and was checking it out. He was nervous but still wanted to stay. When Josh got home he told him, "dad I was a little nervous at first and then I liked it!" He then went on to tell him everything they did! I just love Lincoln. He really is shy with things at first but once he has checked it out for a little bit he does great. Primary, and gym have all been the same way and now he does great. What a sweet, sweet boy.

Few from the past

 Miniature golf!
 Skeeters game. We always try and go on Saturday because the boys get to run the bases but they had some show where a guy lit himself on fire and ran the bases. Luckily all three boys got balls at this game so they weren't disappointed.
 Gym Class!