Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Lincoln loves his hoop and loves to dunk the ball, so when he saw the basketball on the t.v. today he just loved it!! My favorite part is him needing the water break!

Baby Trey

I need to write down the story of the day so that I will always have it, so for those who don't care or do care, here it is. After 2 false labors, a stent for 5 months, kidney stones and everything else that comes along with pregnancy I was scheduled to be induced on the 28Th at night and my doctor hoped to have be deliver that next early morning. We went in around 8pm, and I saw the nurse that saw us for the first false labor and she was sure I came back in later that next day to have the baby. I was given a different nurse but the one we had a few weeks before I guess asked to be my nurse because after we had been there a few hours she came and told us she was now going to be our nurse because she liked me as a patient. This was a good thing because she was so super nice, explained a lot and very attentive.
So they used this pill that is supposed to help things get going, which they did. By the time she started which was around 9:30 or 10 (of course they were in no hurry, and i was low priority) I was a 4 within an hour or so. They let me just progress on my own because i seemed to be changing, and the doctor didn't want me to have the baby in the middle of the night so they opted to not give me any pitocin. I kept trying to tell her I was slow with Lincoln and I progressed really fast and then kind of slowed down. She kept telling me things are different with your second and that she had hopes I would have the baby by the end of her shift at 7am. Well of course I got to about a 4+, 5 and sat there for 4 hours or maybe more. The doctor came early in the morning and broke my water at about 5am and then they put me on the pitocin. Then my nurse said now that is done you will be no later than noon. Josh and I looked at each other and that sounded all to familiar with our last nurse with Lincoln. I did change but very very slow. They kept cranking up the pitocin and trying everything to help me along. Not only was I progressing slow but I was starting to feel the pressure of the baby, and Trey was flipped, so the nurse thought I was not able to really get numb because of the position of the baby. I had almost complete feeling in my legs and felt what I feel like was every bit of the contractions. Earlier in the labor and even the whole time with Lincoln I was not feeling anything. I would watch the monitor and had to be told when to push.
So because Trey was flipped the nurse had me go on my hands and knees to get him to flip. Josh was great, right by my side the whole time holding my hand, rubbing my back. I was hurting so bad with each contraction and was having a hard time. If I didn't have him there with me I don't know if I would of made it. I was also lucky to have my mom with me, helping me with my breathing(since I never expected to feel anything I didn't really know how). She was great, and without her I would of been in trouble. So after this the nurse comes in and tells me to sit this way for another 5 minutes, and I just told her I was feeling everything and the contractions now were forcing me to push so she hurried and turned me back over, checked and the baby was right there. She told me to not push and that she needed to grab the doctor. He came right away with 4 other nurses and after 2 or 3 pushes Trey was here. I was so overwhelmed with emotions and so happy to have our little boy here. They even let Josh cut the cord, which was really fun for him!! Not sure I would of ever thought he had the stomach to do it, but he did. All the nurses were great, and I loved my doctor. Being here in Texas has been such a blessing for us, with all the help from friends and especially family. It was a really neat experience to have mom and dad there and I don't know if we would of ever done that if we were not here. We couldn't be more happy to have 2 healthy boys.
The kidney stone surgery was the next day. My doctor was unable to come in because of all the patients he had scheduled and the availability of the hospital. With it being the end of the year they are so booked and didn't have much to choose from. So I ended up with another doctor who ended up being great. They lazered the stone and the doctor said when he took out the stent out there were stones that had crystalized all over it. So he replaced it with a new one that will hopfully be taken out tomorrow as long as when they take the x-ray all the stones are gone!! I will cross my fingers, because it will be so nice to have this pain gone from my back.

Our Little Buckeyes

Lincoln is doing okay with Trey, just a lot more needy and not sure what he thinks. He likes the attention he gets when he is sweet with Trey but hates it when Josh or I are with Trey and not him! I expected him to notice a little but not as much as he is (only because of his age).

Lincoln is so into his Daddy right now! I dont know if its because he is not here alot with school and is liking him being home or what, but always needs him to be holding him or right by him if he is around. It is really cute to watch!! During the Ohio State game he was watching Josh and started to copy him. He would stand right next to him and say "go", clap his hands, and yell at the t.v. when Josh did. It was so stinking cute, i was glad i caught it on video.

Lincoln Showing His Moves

This is what happens when he learns dancing from his mom and Grammy!!