Friday, March 09, 2012

Kid's Rodeo!

it's not a true rodeo experience without a funnel cake
car full of kids!
good thing I didn't workout this morning, walking around with almost 19lbs was enough
Trey wanted to ride the pony, but i guess changed his mind-- surprising for Trey Chelsea called me first thing in the morning asking if I wanted to take the kids to the Rodeo, and of course I always love doing fun things with the kids so we decided to get there right at 10, this way we were there for a while and we could still get back to put the kids down for a later nap. So at 1130 we finally got there! I guess it takes longer to load 5 kids 3 and under, along with putting in car seats, strollers, filling sippy cups and snacks, and having 2 babies fed. Oh, and don't forget they only take cash! I think after the 10th person told us or joked with us about being busy moms, having any room for 1 more, being brave, we looked at each other and said, "what were we thinking!" Yes, it was busy but it really was fun and I think the kids had a fun time. Lincoln keeps asking to go back and is now wanting to watch pig movies! I love that Chelsea is always up for doing fun things with the kids, even if it will be a lot of work. I can't tell you how grateful I am for good friends, Love you chels!

Videos of Shane

Shane, like his brothers, loves his bath!! It didn't take long before the boys wanted to get in with him. Trey was a little oblivious to Shane's head, so the 3 of them didn't last very long.
(I never obviously notice how much I tune out the kids sometimes, how many times did Lincoln ask to get in the tub before I answered)
Shane is so happy in the morning. He just talks and talks, smiles and then of course gets his morning gas out. This kid i swear as more gas than a little man his age should. I love the mornings so much with him. Not only is he so happy but normally Lincoln and Trey are not up yet and I love just my time with Shane.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

We Have Arrived!! 5 Years!

Josh and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary yesterday! My mom and dad took the boys and we got to go to Taste of Texas for dinner! It was so nice to go out and not worry about get home for the babysitter. Its been a little while since we have been able to go out without any of the kids, and it was so nice, so thanks again mom and dad! Some times I feel like it was just yesterday that Josh came to texas to propose but other times I cant believe we have actually been married for 5 years! I love Josh so much and even last night he and I were joking around asking if we would do it again, and I really couldn't imagine life without him. He really makes me happy, and I can't believe how much in the 5 years we have accomplished together, and I would never change a thing. Love you J, happy anniversary!

Articles of Faith

We have been working on the articles of faith with the boys at night and they are so cute to work with. They both just love it. Trey will randomly throughout the day ask to do Holy Ghost.


The boys have been so cute with Shane! It seems like care about him a little more each day. I have not been able to keep up with Shane's eating habits so at night I give him 4 more ounces after I feed him, so he will last through the night. The other day Lincoln wanted to help me feed him and ever since he asks almost every time he sees me feeding him a bottle. It really is so cute to watch them love on Shane, something about it is just really endearing!