Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Videos I forgot to put on from Utah

Cute Video

The Little Man, well Littlest!

We thought Lincoln smiled really easily, and Trey smiles just as easy or even easier. We love it!! That's all we ever wanted for our kids, was to just be happy kids! Most of you know Trey had colic the first few months of his life, which was really hard but he has finally come out of it. We would joke a little because when Josh gave Trey his blessing he made mention that Trey was sent to our family to be the peacemaker, and when he was crying all the time we wondered what kind of inspiration Josh was really getting! Now we know the church really is true!!!! He is the best baby, so easy going, sometimes I feel bad because Lincoln needs a little more attention and Trey just waits his turn. And if he is sleepy he will just fall asleep where ever he has been placed. Couldn't be luckier parents, then to be sent these two boys.


Lincolns First Texas Rodeo! I'm not sure really what he thought about it, but he seemed to have fun! He kept pointing at all the animals, it was really cute! Josh and I went the night before to see Toby Keith, and when the concert started the second night we decided it was probably too loud for Lincolns ears, so we went up top to listen and got a funnel cake. If Lincoln hated everything else I know for sure he loved the funnel cake. Whats a rodeo without a funnel cake!