Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Video

A little more video of Lincoln walking! His new thing, is he likes to clap for himself, but of course the video comes on and he gets shy!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

His Favorite word!

This is his favorite thing to say! We will try and get him to say other things and its always "ball"

Our Little Man, Not so little anymore!!

He had been taking a few steps here and there and then all of the sudden he was walking across the room! He still prefers crawling over walking but starting to realize he likes to walk and attempts to walk most of the time. He is of course wobbly and walks a little like Frankenstein, but he is so cute!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Chompers with the bad hair Cut!

Lincoln has had his four teeth for few weeks now, i just keep forgetting to put a picture up!! He was sitting in the highchair the other day and was giving me the biggest cheesers, so I finally got the picture!! i love his 2 top teeth, they are cute little buck teeth, it reminds me of Kaden when he first got his teeth!!
So this is what happens when i move away and don't have anyone to help me cut Lincolns hair! I refused to pay 15 bucks to have his hair cut and figured, now I know this baby will be a boy i might as well learn. Lets just say attempt #1 was not very good!!

Knows when he sees a Good thing!!

For those that have never had the opportunity of trying Shipleys donuts you are missing out!! They are by far the best donuts around! Since we have been here I don't think we have missed a Saturday yet!! Bad I know, but i just cant help it!!(I blame it on the cravings) Last week we set the donuts down and found the little man making sure he didn't miss out on his donuts!! It just made us laugh, seeing the expression on his face like he just got caught with his hands in the "cookie jar"!
~Shannon, make sure and show Collin we got Lincoln matching pjs!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Buckeye Time...

So after a long awaited summer, it's finally football season!! Every year Josh is like a little kid getting ready for Christmas!! Everyday he would say only X amount until the big day!!! Then the night before we were in bed and he turns to me and says, I cant sleep I'm too excited!! Nothing new, its like this every year and pretty much every friday night! I took this picture last week and thought it was just too cute, I think one of my favorites.
Ill post the schedule, in case anyone cares to watch but tomorrow is supposed to be a big game Ohio State vs. USC at 7:00- Josh thinks Ohio State will get killed but of course he will watch every second on the game!

In the Last few weeks...

These last few weeks have been pretty crazy so we have not been able to post anything!! School is crazy, and Josh is gone for long hours but he seems to be doing really well! Work for me has been great, but pregnancy has thrown in a little glitch! About 2 weeks ago i woke up with this horrible pain in my back, and came to find out it was kidney stones!!! Fun huh!! They had to place a stent to prevent from getting infection due to blockage. It is a million times better but with the stent I feel pain in my back every once in a while, and some days are a lot better than others. This is better for the baby and so I hope there are more days better than not! Dad says, we should name our child Stone(in case you don't know my dads humor, after the kidney stones)... we'll put it on the list but not sure if it will be the winning vote! Lincoln has been better than ever, going from one babysitter to the next, while we were figuring all of this out! He has four teeth now and he loves to show you them. I will have to post a picture! He is starting to take a few steps on his own, but getting a few more bruises from trying! We have the best little boy! He is always happy and so easy going!
Mom put the sprinkles low for Lincoln to play with, and one day he was being really quite so I went to check on him and found what had been keeping him so occupied!!
Finally after 3weeks, our stuff arrived. Click on the pictures if you can't see how smashed and damaged our stuff is. This moving company was terrible and I would not recommend them to anyone!(AAA Moving) When they first loaded our stuff they told us b/c we used more space it would be 500.00 dollars more. Then Josh looks at the inventory list and there was way more boxes they said we had than we thought, but the guy said he didn't have time to unload the truck and if we agree to pay the extra 10% for more space then we could figure it out when they got to Texas, and that's when we would pay them the other half of the bill.. So after waiting forever they get to the storage unit and said they cant unload the truck until they get the money. Josh talks to the dispatch guy on the phone and explains what happened in Utah and the guy tells him if there are less boxes than we will give the other 130.00 bucks back. So after they unloaded the truck, sure enough there was less boxes than they wrote and then they wouldn't give the money back. Can you believe it!! I have tried to call the company and no one will answer there phone, so i don't know what to do at this point, i guess a lost cause!
Grammy is Lincoln's new best friend... I wonder why, he gets to go on walks, eating a cooking and getting as messy as any little boy would want to be!! He really does loves Grammy, he is always so concerned when she leaves the room and happy as could be every time he sees her!
Grammy and papa having fun with Lincoln... dad had his eye doctors appt. and but these on Lincoln so we could all get a good laugh! I wonder if this is what Loopy looked like after her appt's!!!! Just kidding loopy!