Friday, February 26, 2010

Our Sweet Trey and his Smiles

This is one of my favorite stages with babies. I love when they start cooing( i think that is how you spell it) and then especially love when they start smiling. I was able to catch a cute video of him this morning for everyone to see.

Boys Will Be Boys!!

Lincoln loves to be outside. If he is ever in a whinny or bad mood, you take him outside and he couldn't be happier. Lincoln has now found is own way to get outside when ever he wants... through the doggy door. He has been doing this for a while now and it's nice for me b/c if I am feeding Trey or needing to be with Trey for whatever reason he will just go play out there by himself. Well, yesterday we were getting dinner ready and just hanging out, and i looked outside to check on Lincoln and he had found the big flower pot full of dirt. He was using the dust pan to scoop out the dirt and put everywhere. It was in him hair, down his shirt, in his diaper and all over the ground. I guess this is just part of having boys, and I can only imagine as Trey gets older the worse and the dirtier they will get.

My Poor Little Baby!!

Lincoln was running down the driveway and fell face first into the concrete. I felt so bad, because he same up with blood all over his nose. He was crying but not bad he actually took it pretty well. I just gave him a piece of ice and he seemed to be fine. For some reason the ice always works for Lincoln.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


The day we found out Trey was going to be a boy we were so happy and excited for Lincoln to have a buddy. There are times he wants to lay by Trey and will roll on top of him, head butt him, poke his eyes but its so cute to watch as he now wants to always be by the baby! He will be playing and Trey will be laying on the ground and Lincoln will come lay by him or just come over and give him a kiss, or even just walk by and say "hi" (can you all just hear it, in that deep voice).
Dont kid yourself, its not always this way but those times it makes the crazy world we now live in with 2 little boys worth every minute!

I couldn't Help it!

Before AFTER
I have seen pictures like this before and have always wanted to take a picture! As you can see the model didn't really want to preform. I did get one but don't worry i am determined to get a cute one!

Happy Valentines Day!!

We decided to make some Valentines Day cookies and Lincoln just loved them. Every time we went to the grocery store he would point to all of the balloons so we got him a valentines day balloon. Can you believe that only a year ago Lincoln was in the same outfit?!!

Big Smiles!!

Just like Lincoln, Trey smiles super easy! It is so endearing and we love it! Yes, he still has a little colic so when his belly is not hurting he is all smiles!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Playing the Piano

This is the cutest thing you will ever see! Papa and Lincoln playing the piano and our little preformer, is such a "ham".

Trey's Blessing 2/17/10

Of course the blessing was perfect. I am so grateful to have a husband able and willing to give such a special blessing to our little Trey. I am glad Josh's family was able to be there for it and wish everyone could of been here, but know its too hard, and am grateful for those that were able to make it.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Then Christy!!

Yes, Christy got to come kid-less, well kind of!! I think Morgan made sure to call at least 2-3 times a day, which was so cute. I think she really wanted to be here. She told Christy after we had skped one morning that she would do anything to come to Texas. Even if she had to sit in the back of the plane and she threw-up(morgan gets motion sickness, so plane rides are hard for her). Christy was so much help, and every time we leave each other you would think it would get easier. Thanks for coming, we love you! See you in March, and don't worry Morgan I'll let you be the first one to hold baby Trey!

Then Came... Kelli, Shaunie, and Josh's Parents!!

Kelli, Shaunie and Josh's Parents came in the day Jake and Lindsey flew out! It was so much fun to have them here with us! It was too bad the weather couldn't of been better for them! When they were here we were also able to bless our sweet baby Trey! Ill post picture of that later. We love you and miss you!


First was Lindsey and Jake! We hoped when they were here we would make them baby hungry, but i think it just pushed them back!! We had a few late nights with some sick kids!! Thanks for coming we miss you!!
Look what a great dad he will be!!
Sorry Lindsey we didnt get a picture of you with Trey, we will need to when we see you in March!