Saturday, December 20, 2008

Were in Trouble!

It all started because Lincoln would be stirring in the middle of the night or would wake up a little sooner than I wanted him to, so I would grab him and put him in bed with us! Then there are times Josh is still in bed and wants Lincoln to snuggle him so I would set him down with Josh, and now that's the only place he wants to sleep. I will put him to sleep after feeding him and he is dead asleep but the second I put him down he is stirring again. Then I will lay him in the bassinet and within an hour he is awake. So I put him in our bed and he sleeps anywhere from 4-6 hours. I know its great but I think we have created a monster. Josh and I know we have to break him from it soon and will have some bad nights but we just love it so much and its so nice to get some sleep, so we decided we would do it when we get back from Texas!!

When the weather is bad....

So Josh and I have wanted to get into Prison Break for a while now but with all Josh had going on we decided it would be best to start watching once he was done! So Wednesday night we decided to go get the first season and now Saturday morning we are almost done with season 2. I know its sick and out little Lincoln probably thinks he got sent to dead beat parents. But i will say the weather is awful and its so good... we cant stop watching!!

Dinner with the Grads!

Josh has been going to sschool, taking the same classes with his buddy Adam for 4 years, and then taking the same class with Parker and Joe for about 2 1/2 years. They studied together, did projects together and probably saw each other more then I did! So Since they finsihed up we decided to go to Tucanos to celebrate with the wifes.

Hats off to the Grad!!!

On Tuesday Josh finished his last final and graduated from BYU with his masters in Accounting!!! He walks in April but he is officially done! Even though there is more school this is such a mile stone and I am so proud of him! He worked so hard all through the junior core and then finishing up his masters. Late nights, all nighters, hours in the library, 4 hour tests, huge projects, hours at school, and much more... now over! Not to mention his last few semesters studying for the LAST he took in December and having a baby in November. If this is not something to be proud of then i don't know what is!
That day Britty and I decorated the house for Josh, and then made a little graduation hat for Lincoln with a sign saying my dad graduated! Im not sure he loved the hat so he was a little mad but this was the best picture we got!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Curled up!

I just loved this picture... i thought he looked so cute all curled up!

Meeting Papa!

On Tuesday my mom came back to help out with the baby, and to help while Josh got ready for the LSAT. Then on Thursday my dad came to see little Lincoln for the first time. It was fun to have my mom back and fun to have my dad come.