Monday, August 27, 2012

First Broken Bone

Are we surprised that the first broken bone of the Petersen boys was Trey?!  We were at the community pool and I took Trey to the bathroom. As we were leaving I was helping him with his shoes and I opened the big metal door for a lady as she was walking in and didn't see Trey had put his hand in the crack right where it shuts. So the poor baby had his hand stuck in the door and when we got it out it was almost flat. We called the doctor and she said because of the blood under his nail and because it was his pinky the bones are so little that he probably did break it. So my dad came over and I took Trey. He was such a big boy. I think a little of the one on one was really good for him because he didn't cry once and was showing the doctor. He really was a big boy. So sure enough x-rays came back and it was broken. They dont really do anything for it just splint the fingers together with tape. So for 2 weeks he had tape around his fingers and now he seems to be doing okay.


  1. oh man! poor boy! these pictures don't show he's too worried about it tho, haha. :) glad he's ok.

  2. Tough little man.:) Looks pretty proud of his injuries:)