Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Astros Friday Night Fireworks Game

While Christy and the kids were here we went to the Astros game! It kind of fit right in with what the boys did while they were here. Grammy had bought some gloves for the kids and every night they would wait for Papa to get home and have there own little baseball game in the driveway!
The tickets we had were so awesome! In the first inning there was a foul ball hit along the 1st base line, and Josh leaned over the rail, while holding Lincoln to catch the ball. It one hopped and hit his hand and landed right in front of them, so the ball boy came and gave it to Lincoln. It was almost the greatest catch ever. But either way Lincoln couldn't of been more happy to get a ball.
He of course loved the fireworks but i think because we were so close he got a little scared but them after a minute or so he kept pushing Joshs hands off his ears and just loved watching the fireworks

Train Museum!

I had a coupon to the Train Museum, so we thought we would check it out! Nothing fancy but the boys, especially Lincoln keeps talking about it, so i guess definitely worth the 4 bucks!!

4th of July

The boys absolutely just loved the fireworks. Nothing against being in Texas, but seeing how much they loved the fireworks I wish so bad we were in Idaho. If possible I would love to make it there next year so the boys can see an even better show!! We still had tons of fun! We told Lincoln the fireworks were coming at 9:30 so he kept going inside every minute to look at the clock, asking what time it was. It really was so cute. Then when the fireworks came he kept saying the colors and that there was a "crack and a pop". I love the face on Trey! It was almost like every time another firework would come it was just as new as the last one!

His and Her Birthday Party

One of our good friends has a birthday a few days apart from Josh so we had a little BBQ and little swimming at my parents for their birthday! We had a lot of fun and are so grateful for all our great friends we have around here.

Happy 29th Birthday Josh ;-)

The boys love helping make things right now, but especially like the sweet stuff because I let them each have something to lick afterwards!! We love you Josh and are so proud of everything you have accomplished in 31 years!! Sorry Im letting your secret out! We love spending every minute we can with you and can't wait to see what life brings us this next year together, love you!

Happy Fathers Day

Breakfast in bed... except half of Treys pancake to daddy didn't make it! I am so grateful for all the dads in my life! Josh is such a great dad! He is so busy with school and not able to be around as much as he would like but every moment he is, he just loves those boys to pieces! You see him light up every time he talks about them, and probably to other people talks about them too much! I am also grateful to Josh's dad for the example he set for Josh. I know Josh has learned a lot from him and I couldn't be more thankful for such a great father in-law. I am especially grateful for my dad and all he has done for me. As I parent my own kids I find each day i grow a greater appreciation for my own parents. I'm grateful for the close relationship I have with my dad. Grateful I am able to work with him and even more grateful I'm close enough with him to know my dad's little corks. Happy Fathers Day Dads!!

Summer Fun with Grammy and Papa

These boys are such water bugs, they ove it so much! We pretty much just live in grammy and papas pool!

San Antonio's Riverwalk and the Alamo

This was a lot of fun too! Josh had never been to San Antonio and the riverwalk was nothing like he expected it to be like. My mom kept telling us we better get down to eat early because it will fill up and will be too crowded and Josh thought that to be funny until be got down there and realized the restaurants were really right up against the river. This trip really was a ton of fun, and I would love to go again!