Monday, August 27, 2012

Good ole' Cali!

Lincoln thought he was so funny!

 Lincoln had Brooks laughing so hard, it was so cute!

 Uncle Jake was showing the boys how to find "BUGGAS" in the sand. Brooks was freaking out yelling bugga, bugga! He was so excited!

 Sweet Jake!

 It's cold! Not surprised coming from my Trey, Trey!
 And at the pool, i think it was in the 90's and they were cold!

 The big bucket, dumping water!

 Thanks Papa!
splash pad!

Last stop of the trip was in California with Lindsey, Jake and Brooks. Oh my gosh the boys had so much fun playing with Brooks. Of course Brooks, is way into trains so the train table in the middle of the living room was definitely a winner for my boys! We had a lot of fun at the pool, beach, splash pad,  and pedicures. It really was so much fun to be with them.

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