Friday, July 09, 2010

Cute Birthday Video From Lincoln

The Invitation!

Brent and Kelly Weaver came up with these super cute invitations!! I loved, loved how they turned out! They actually do invitations as a side job. She has done wedding invitations, birthday, showers, place cards, you name it... your there great!

And the guests...

More of the Table and some decorations!

Like I said this was a bad week for my mom to go out of town, I really needed her help with the decorations, but with help from Kelly and Julie I think it turned out really well!

Mini Golf Pictures... Golf Attire!

If you can't tell who won the prize for the best dressed!!! Dave's outfit was the best, but by about hole 8, i think we lost the sweater, it was so hot out there! We had a few more show up a little later so these are just a few of who made it!

THE BIG 3-0!!

Yup, can you believe it, 30!!! 2 weeks ago we celebrated Joshs 30th birthday and I will have to say every thing turned out great! We had a dual party for him and my dad. It was golf themed, so we started out playing a little round of mini golf, and then went back to our house for a little party with some of our friends. Later we watched a little video fom his friends and family of favorite memories, which turned out great, and thank you to everyone who helped!
These are pictures of the treats and the cake we made... i wish i could take all the credit for the cake but Kelly Weaver helped me a ton. She is super talented, if you cant tell!

Happy Fathers Day!

more pictures from steve and rachel
I love this holiday, especially for my own dad but also the father of my kids. I couldn't be luckier to have a dad like mine. He has always been there for me, and i genuinely love to be around him. He's one of my best friends and someone I feel like i can go to for anything. Love you Dad! I am also go grateful for Josh and him as a dad! What a great dad he is and our boys love him so much, especially Lincoln right now. For most kids you bribe with candy but with Lincoln i tell him gets to go see daddy or talk to daddy and he does what even you need. He loves Josh and his whole face lights up every time he sees him!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Breakfast at Kneaders

Grandma and Pompom really wanted a picture with all the great grandkids, so we got most of the them! Here are a few extra cute ones at breakfast!

Britty and Trey

Cute pictures of Britty and Trey at the blessing!

More of the Twins!

We always have to catch a few of the twins!! i love these of them eating, and yes Marian is still out eating Lincoln!!

Noticing a trend!

It didn't matter where we were, Lincoln found something to use a golf club, and played all day, everyday!! This was down at the park by Shannon's house with her, Collin, Eden and Adam.

Finding time with Daddy!

Trey got passed around a lot, and he was such a good sport about it, but he still needed his time with Daddy!