Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lincoln's First Soccer Game

We are not sure what to expect for Linc's first game. He is so shy and has a hard time with new things because he gets nervous so easily but he has been talking about soccer for months. This morning he was playing with Josha nd kicking around the ball and just ready for the game. Once we got on the field he freaked. There were too many people and he was not having it. By the second half Papa(the coach) convinced him to come on the filed and he could hold his hand and Papa would help him kick the ball. He was at least out there and having fun so definitely some positive. I hope each week just gets better!

I think Papa was a little tired after the game! He was a lot younger last time he was coaching 4 year olds.

Happy 84th Birthday PomPom!

So Tuesday morning I told the boys it was PomPom's birthday. Lincoln said "I have a good idea! Lets  go over to his house and share his birthday cake!" He said, "Mom we shared your cake on your birthday!" So we called PomPom and asked if we could come over with cake. We went to the store to pick out stuff for PomPom's cake and he ended up with white funfetti cake, chocolate icing with sprinkles, and then they used the jelly tubes of icing for writing so they could draw on PomPom's cake. Oh and don't forget the finger prints all in the icing from Trey! We had PBJ's and grandma and Pompom were brave enough to eat and share the cake with the boys. It was fun to go over there and celebrate a little. We love Pompom and all he has done for us. I especially love watching him with my boys. We are so grateful for him.