Thursday, August 30, 2012


Lincoln this morning was laying in bed with me and he and I were just talking and then he told me about the train tracks in his bed. He said mom I had trains and the tracks in my bed last night but i put them under my covers so that you wouldn't see them and know that i had them.

Trey and Lincoln thought it would be fun to make a big pile of clothes so they could jump into them off our bed(realizing after them emptied out clean and dirty clothes into this pile). After they had been in our room for a little bit Trey came out and said, "I emptied those things and put them under the clothes so you couldn't see so don't look in there." I went into the room and found a container of my q-tips under the clothes. I have two glass containers in my bathroom and he climbed up and put them in a different container but definitely knew he shouldn't be up there.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy 27th to ME!

I have the best family in the world! As you get older your birthday is kind of just the same as any other day. Your still a mom, and a wife with all the responsibilities that come with it. But Josh really did a great job of making it a little different. He made dinner, got my favorite cakes, had my parents over and spoiled me with some fun gifts. On my birthday I couldn't help but be so thankful to my mom especially for all she did for getting me here and raising me so I could be a wife and a mom of 3 perfect boys. Thank you to everyone's birthday wishes. Love you!

First Broken Bone

Are we surprised that the first broken bone of the Petersen boys was Trey?!  We were at the community pool and I took Trey to the bathroom. As we were leaving I was helping him with his shoes and I opened the big metal door for a lady as she was walking in and didn't see Trey had put his hand in the crack right where it shuts. So the poor baby had his hand stuck in the door and when we got it out it was almost flat. We called the doctor and she said because of the blood under his nail and because it was his pinky the bones are so little that he probably did break it. So my dad came over and I took Trey. He was such a big boy. I think a little of the one on one was really good for him because he didn't cry once and was showing the doctor. He really was a big boy. So sure enough x-rays came back and it was broken. They dont really do anything for it just splint the fingers together with tape. So for 2 weeks he had tape around his fingers and now he seems to be doing okay.

Taking the BAR!

Josh is FINALLY done studying for the Bar! It was a very long process but it's now over and we are so happy to have him around a little more. He ended up staying at the hotel next the George R. Brown Convention center with his friend Houston. I'm glad he ended up doing that because i think it took away a lot of stress. After the boys came to meet him outside the convention center and they were so excited to see Daddy!
We were so grateful for the fasting and all the prayers.

Good ole' Cali!

Lincoln thought he was so funny!

 Lincoln had Brooks laughing so hard, it was so cute!

 Uncle Jake was showing the boys how to find "BUGGAS" in the sand. Brooks was freaking out yelling bugga, bugga! He was so excited!

 Sweet Jake!

 It's cold! Not surprised coming from my Trey, Trey!
 And at the pool, i think it was in the 90's and they were cold!

 The big bucket, dumping water!

 Thanks Papa!
splash pad!

Last stop of the trip was in California with Lindsey, Jake and Brooks. Oh my gosh the boys had so much fun playing with Brooks. Of course Brooks, is way into trains so the train table in the middle of the living room was definitely a winner for my boys! We had a lot of fun at the pool, beach, splash pad,  and pedicures. It really was so much fun to be with them.