Friday, December 14, 2007

Putting Together the Christmas Tree

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Wednesday we went to Christy and Brians to make gingerbread houses. I dont think I have done this in forever but it was so much fun. I put the BIG RED gum on the roof-- I don't know if ya'll remember when we had the huge gingerbread house for CASA with the BIG RED roof but thats where I got it from.


The weekend it snowed here first Josh and I were in Idaho, so this was our first big snow this year in Utah. It was so cold but I will say I do love the first little bit of snow. I think it looks so pretty. It's just once you have scrapped your car for the 100th time, your pants are wet all the way up your leg, and you have slipped at least 10 different times, when it finally gets old!!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


So Josh and i decide that we would still decorate even though we are not here for Christmas morning! I am so glad that we did because it makes it feel a lot like Christmas! So we put together the tree, put up some lights and then hung a wreath! Don't look to close mom, it's nothing like you could do but i thought it looked pretty good for a first tree!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

10 Year Tradition...

So the last 10 years Josh has alwasy gone home or been home to help his sisters put up the Christmas lights on Thanksgiving weekend! We thought we couldn't break the tradition so we decided to go up the week after and put the lights up! I love Christmas, and it was so much fun to spend time with everyone!

Josh went back inside to get a beanie... and this is what he found! It was so funny b/c he put it on and was like man this one does not really cover my ears, and then he looked in the reflection of the glass and realized what he had put on!


So after a crazy year of the number 1 ranked team being beat 4 times and the number 2 ranked team been beat 7 times, and the Bucks having a good season, winning there conferences and having only one loss-- they made it to the championship!! Josh is excited to see them play in the chanpionship but is so worried they will get killed again! I think he is most nervous because this was supposed to be a building year for Ohio State and now they are going to the championship playing LSU. He thinks that if they don't win this game then the Buckeyes will not being givin another chance to play in a championship game for a long time. I think it will be fun, and that's Josh to just worry!