Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Today my friend Julie from work made this cake that one of her friends made for her. It is the best cake i think i have ever had!! This is just part of the cake that was left over, and i figured I better take a picture before it was all gone. Here is the recipe:
1 chocolate Fudge cake mix-- Bake in 2 9" round pans as directed and let i cool for 5 minutes in the pan and then on the wore rack
* add 1 box of chocolate pudding to the mix- this makes the cake more moist.
1/2 cup of sugar
1-8oz. cream cheese (room temp)
Mix together until smooth
FOLD in 2 cups of cool whip and about 18 big pieces crushed oreos
Turn 1 cake over so its flat
Put on Cream Cheese layer
Place other cake on top right side up
Melt 4 semi-sweet baking squares with 1/2 cube of butter-- melt just until butter is melted and let it sit till not so liquidy
Pour over top of cake

Rescue Pack

So today Josh was over at Adam and Shannon's house and decided to bring Collin back to the house to play. He found my scripture case and decided to put a can of Ravioli, 3 quarters (his coins) and Josh's phone in it. Then he carried it around calling it his rescue pack. I had to run to the store really quick and he had to bring his rescue pack, and when he saw the bubble gum machine he got one of his coins to buy a green gum ball for his rescue pack. It was so stinking cute and too funny to not blog about!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

New News

I hope this is not a secret, but we are just so excited about the news, Sam and Sheerstie are moving to Provo!!! Sam has been interviewing at some jobs and about a week ago he told Josh that they were leaning more towards Provo. Sam then called Josh a few days ago and told him he took the job!!! I can't tell you how excited we are to have them be here!! It will be so much fun!


I know that mom and dad will take a long to time to even get a second to post so i thought i would do a little bit of the bragging. Britty had a tournament this weekend and she tied for first. The worst part was that they gave it to the other girl because her school was hosting the tournament... Lame i know!! good job brit!

Friday, February 22, 2008


So one of Josh's friends came into town this week to go snowboarding, and since Monday was a holiday Josh decided to go with him. The last thing I said to him was "don't be stupid I know how boys can get." So I was working on a patient and saw my phone was ringing from Josh. I knew there had to be only reason he was calling while he should of been snowboarding. When I finally got a second to call he told me they were on there second run of the day and he was going over a roller and when he landed, part of his board caught an edge and he landed on his shoulder(heard it pop), and he was on his way down to Provo to have it looked at because he thought he might of separated it. So i got off work a little early to find that the BYU clinic was closed because it was a holiday. I guess they didn't think anyone would get hurt or sick that day!! So we went the next day, they took an x-ray of it and all the bones were in good shape, no broken bones. He said he thinks it was a contusion-- whatever that it. I think it means an internal bruise, but what do i know. He told him to ice it and then after 48 hours he would be able to put heat on it. If there is still any pain in 2 weeks then it is most likely something to do with his ligaments-- so we will all cross our fingers its not that. He seems to be doing a little better but i guess we will see in 2 weeks. To be honest I think the first thing that went through my mind when he called was good thing he and I both have insurance and that we would probably be paying medical bills as long as we are paying student loans. I guess when it rains it pours!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentines on Feb. 16th

So for Valentines day this year we had planned on going to St. George for 1) to get out of the cold but to also go visit one of Josh's best friends. I talke to Jeff his friend and all the plans were made until I decided to tell Josh and he told me he would be taking tests till Saturday!! So after 2 all nighters we decided to celebrate Valentines Day. I thought about going out but decided to just make dinner and just stay at home together. Josh came home around 430 from his last test and surprised me with some pink roses, and I had dinner started. We had a nice big meal (i tried a few new things, that turned out pretty good) a Valentines cake and then to end it chocolate foundue. Oh and don't worry we had plenty of pineapple!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


This weekednd Josh's parents, Sam, Sheerstie, Adam, Shannon, Kelli, Shaunie Josh and I all went to the Riverdance. I had never been and really had never thought twice about wanting to see it, but Josh and Sam were talking about taking Sheerstie and I and then the family decided to come down as well. It was really entertaining and I would recommend it. The video on YouTube does not really give it much justice. I am just glad that Josh wanted to go because i think it was one of the best shows I have ever seen, and Im glad that the family was able to make it own safely with all the snow( they thought they were going to miss it b/c of the weather)
The blonde guy in this video is a little more gay then the guy that performed at ours!!!

Saturday, February 09, 2008


I had to blog about this story because it really was the most excitement that I had at work in a long time. Cleaning teeth can get pretty excited but I think this one tops it off! So last Friday we had this lady named Debbie who come into our office, on who knows what! She hardly could walk he eyes were all red and glazed over and she came in saying that she had this tooth that hurt her so bad but she just needed to get something to help with the pain soon because she had one of her kids down in the car, and he had a 104 temperature. Then she said she would have her husband take the kid but he was in St. George. Mind you we have seen this lady and her husband come into the office a few times complaining about pain and we have prescribed both of them medication before. So they took her back to the room to have a look and made sure both doctors went in to talk. There are two rooms in the office that we really don't use that much unless we are slammed or there are 3 hygienist there, then one of us uses a room that we call the dungeon. Well, guess who was there that day, yup me, but it was great because I was right next to the room they put her in, so she would be away from all the other patients, but I could hear everything. I think the patient I had probably thought I was really slow because I was taking extra time on her so I could still listen to what was going on, I know really nosey. she was telling them that she had so much pain and was unable to sleep at night and she just needed something to help her with the pain. Well our doctors were talking to her and telling her that they had prescribed her pain medications before and they just didn't believe her any more. She was very persistent about still being in pain, and she asked if she could just tell the pharmacist to just write on the bottle to take half a day. The doctors said they were not sure this is what she really would be doing, and then she said "well it's not like I'm going to sell them to anyone, because that’s illegal". The doctors trying not to laugh said okay we will take a few X-rays of the areas that she said are hurting, because there are now 3 areas that are bugging her, not just the one. While they were doing this we had one of the girls go down to the parking lot to check all the cars for this kid of hers that had a 104 degree temp. And of course there was no kids in any of the cars. They took the x-rays and there was no signs of decay or infection or anything around any of the teeth, so the doctors decided to call the cops. All of us girls were so funny we were looking out the window waiting for the cops to get there. There were 3 cop cars waiting for her, and right as she was going to leave her husband pulled up, you know the one that is supposed to be in St. George, to take her home. The cops made sure he was okay to drive and let them go. Then the cops came up to the office and told us they knew exactly who she was and they appreciated that we would call them.
So the next week it gets better she call s 2 times asking for us to refill her prescription, I guess she didn't get it, that or she was to high to know we even called the cops on her. Then Wednesday of this week she called again to talk to the office manager and couldn't believe that we would charge her for the x-rays we took of the teeth that were bugging her, and she wanted the doctor to refund the money. Our Dr. just said that he would not refund the money and if she didn't pay then they would sent her to collections, and pretty much said to all of us that he also didn’t care if she never came to the office again because of it.
He got a page at 430am Thursday from her wanting more meds!! We are not sure if she will ever give it up, but I will have to keep you posted!


1. What is my name? Jacquelyn Nichole Butler Petersen 2. How long have you and your s.o. been together? Married 11 months and 6 days and been Together 1 yr 11 mo. ad 6 days 3. Who eats more? We eat about the same in one sitting but Josh is hungry like 20 min. later 4. Who said I love you first? Josh 5. Who is taller? Josh 6. Who sings better? Josh and i don't think he would admit it either 7. Who is smarter? Josh 8. Who does the laundry? For the most part me, but Josh will start it a lot of the times, he just hates to fold it. 9. Who does the dishes? Mostly me- out of all chores Josh hates the dishes 10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do 11. Who pays the bills? I do. 12. Who mows the lawn? The landlord!! 13. Who cooks dinner? I do 14. Who drives when you are together? Josh- even though we both hate it 15. Who is more stubborn? That's a toss up. 16. Who is the first to admit when they're wrong? Toss up again. 17. Whose parents do you see the most? Mine-- My parents find any excuse to fly up 18. Who kissed who first? I would say Josh did but he does not remember- long story!!! 19. Who proposed? Josh! He flew down to Texas the year, and probably last year my whole family will be together for Christmas, and surprised me with our good family friends caroling. When they were done he came up from the back, got down on one knee and asked!! Then he was able to spend the next week with me and my family in Texas! I love his to death!! 20. Who is more sensitive? That would have to be pretty equal! Although we did joke about who would be more emotional on out wedding day and i won!! 21. Who has more friends? I second the weird questions! I don’t know because we have a lot of mutual friends but then he has his friends at school and then I have mine at work! 22. Who has more siblings? He does (4 sisters and 3 brothers) me (3 sisters and 2 brothers) 23. Who wears the pants in the family? I asked Josh and he said I do, I asked why and he said b/c I'm a bully!! I think we are pretty mutual we both are middle kids in a big families! I tag, Shannon, Kestlee, Ashley, Jill, Rach, Sheerstie, Kari, Jules, Kilee and Nicholle

Saturday, February 02, 2008


So there is really not a lot going on in our lifes other than school, work and a little bit of some sporting events, but i still feel like we needed to blog about something. The most exciting thing is that Josh is playing basketball on tuesdays for church and then playing with his intermeral team some time during the week. Then Christy and I decided to start playing basketball together on wednesdays. The first week i played so bad that the only reason i decided to go back the next week was b/c i didn't want anyone to think i was that bad. So the next week was much better and a lot more fun!! So then John and Emma are playing water polo and asked us if we wanted to play with them( i guess its pretty exahausting and they need a little more subs). So i think we will start doing that next week, which should be a lot of fun! So other than our sporting events we just have work, and work and then homework and more homework!! I will try and get some pictures next week of the games so there is something to look at!!