Saturday, November 29, 2008

Doctor Scare

After we got home from thanksgiving dinner Lincoln was not being his normal self. He was crying a lot, not really eating and felt a little warm to me. So Josh ran to the store to get a thermometer. It seemed as though he had some gas and was not feeling well from that but then we checked his temp. and it was at 99. There was a site online that said at 99 he has fever, so we called the doctor and they had us come in. They checked his temp again at the doctor and it was down to 98.2, and Lincoln was sound a sleep being so good. So when the doctor came in I said can you tell we are new at this and that our mom's are gone! He laughed and said we get this all the time. We talked with him a little about making sure he stays healthy and what things we needed to do and he just stressed staying away from anyone who is sick and anyone in a house with someone who is sick. He told us how some people will think you are being to protective, and some will understand and depending on the kind of people Josh and I are depends on who you allow in the house. Josh told him we are kind of push overs and he said well then keep him away for 4 weeks. We asked about flying home for Christmas and gave us good advice for that, but also told us its mostly up to us and how we feel about it. So If you don't see us for another 3 weeks you know why! It cost 25 bucks, but really made us feel good about things!

Giving Thanks!

So I thought I was doing really well with the baby blues until thanksgiving day. We were at Adam and Shannon's house and I was rocking Lincoln to sleep and all the sudden I had this overwhelming burst of emotion. I was feel so lucky to be given this sweet little boy and and can't believe that heavenly father would send me such a perfect son. I am so thankful for my Heavenly Father, and thankful that I was raised in the church and able to learn the things that I have. I then was thinking about my mom being there to help with Lincoln and Josh's mom staying to help as well and cant believe how thankful I am for a mom that raised me, took care of me, and loves me. And then thankful for a mother-in-law that raised her son to be the person he is today, and that I could be close enough to her, and that she would be willing to stay and help us. Then all I could think of was Josh, and how thankful I am to have a husband willing to be a dad, a husband willing to work so hard in school to be able to take care of his family, a husband that loves me more than anything. I am so lucky to have these 2 men in my life and couldn't of asked for anything more than that, and what a better time to be thankful! I know a lot of thoughts, and that's what I mean when I said a very overwhelming feeling!!

First Doctors Visit

8 lb 5 oz
20.5 inches
We took Lincoln on Tuesday for his first doctors visit, and he was so good, everything looks great and he is doing so well! I couldn't believe it when they told us how much he has grown in 6 days! I think they measured him wrong or something. That or is going to be a big baby, and we are going to have to borrow the nickname chunky!

First Bath!!

We gave him his first bath at home and he did so well... but I'm not too surprised he is such a good baby, he hardly cries! It was cute because he kept searching for him thumb to soothe himself, josh swears that he had to of been a thumb sucker in the belly because he is always looking for it!

More Visitors

As some of you know Josh's brother Brett was married last Saturday, so Josh's dad, Kelli, Brett and Cory were not able to make till a little later. But once the wedding was over they were on there way. Even though there were some that wanted to just go home they still came to see there little nephew. That and Dad Petersen said if they wanted a ride they were stopping in provo first!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lincoln Joshua

I couldn't get this to show up without cutting off half the picture, but here is a slideshow of a bunch of pictures!

More Pictures

Our frind Nicole came to the hospital and took some pictures of our little Lincoln, she did such a great job, I love them!

ITS A BOY!!!!!

22 HOURS!!!

Don't worry I will post more pictures right after, I just wanted to make sure and write about the experience a little bit! I went to the doctor Monday morning, and there was no change and they said the only thing they can do was induce me next Monday... this was not what I wanted to hear and I just lost it when I got home, I just wanted our baby to be here. The nurse did want me to come back to see the doctor the next day, so he could re-evaluate, and I thought okay, maybe there is a chance he will let me go sooner than Monday. ( i thought what excuses can I give him, so he feels bad for me). So Tuesday afternoon right before i went in I got a call from Emma, because she had just seen the doctor, and they had her scheduled for her induction Wednesday morning. I thought now I really have to have this baby! I went to see the doctor and he stripped me again but he had heard every excuse there was and still he said I will see you Monday. So after being told this who knows how many times, i just figured okay, i just need to brace myself for Monday! So Josh and I went for a walk when we got home, which got something going but nothing i hadn't felt before, the only good thing was when we got home from the walk my cramps and contractions stayed and they normally went right away. Still at this point nothing to be to excited about. So then we went over to Adam and Shannon's house for dinner and dessert( Shannon and I figured the dessert would make everything better). Still feeling some contractions but still didn't make a big deal of it. By this time we were getting ready to leave and I was feeling contractions about every 5-9 minutes. We got home I took a showed and we started write down the contractions. For the next 2 hours they were between 3-5 minutes. I felt like it was time to go, so I had Josh give me a blessing and we headed over. We got to the hospital they checked me, waited an hour and they said okay your staying. Our nurse was named Ashley and she was awesome. She explained everything to us, and she would stay in our room and just chat with us. Her shift was going to be over at 6 in the morning and would be coming back at 2 but she said with how often my contractions were coming there was no way I would be here past 12 noon. So we just kept waiting for my body to change, 6am came around, Ashely left, and about 7am John and Emma got to the hospital. It was so fun because Ashley had set up to let us be in rooms right next door to each other. This was fun for Josh and John because they got to have meals together and visit each other as Emma and I would just call each other to get updates. So after waiting and more waiting 2pm came around and Ashely was back, she peeked in and said I am so sorry but I will be here till 6 and there is no way you wont have this baby here, so i will be here to deliver your baby. Emma was about ready at this point and so Ashley put her monitor on our screen so we could see when she was pushing and when the baby was here. On the monitor at about 2:30 it said female born, so Josh went and banged on the wall so they knew we knew she was here! It was so much fun, you could hear her cry and it was so cute! About an hour after Mary was born it was my turn to start pushing. Dr. Jacob came and said okay because its your first it will be about an hour and a half to 2 hours so keep that in mind. Well 2 hours later I was still pushing. I was progressing but was not ready yet, so they had me keep pushing. It was about 6 o'clock and a little over 2 and half hours and the doctor came and explained to me he could help with forceps but if it didn't work then we would have to do c-section. This did not go over well with me I lost it. So He ask me if I could keep pushing, i told him yes but he needed to stay close because I was so tired. I pushed for another 15 minutes and told them he need to come in. Dr. Jacob got the forceps on and he was here in 5 minutes. The best part was when the doctor said okay dad you make the announcement. Josh looked at him and said its a boy!! SO at 6:35 Lincoln Joshua was born and Josh and I both started to cry, partly because it was all over but it was the neatest thing i have ever experienced in my life. A moment you never forget. Our poor little boy had swallowed his own pooh so they had to send him straight to the NIC unit. I was sad because I didn't get to be with him, but Josh went up with him. Josh said he did so well and he hardly cried. Josh just sat in there and held his hand. They cleaned me up, took me to see him and then took me downstairs to my room. Everyone was there because they had come to see little Mary and were just waiting for me. Since no one knew what the sex of the baby was they were dying, so they let 3 people go in at a time to see him. They everyone came back the next day to hold him. So after 22 hours it was well worth it, he is the cutest thing I have ever seen and I love him to death.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

0 DAYS!!???

I don't know what to think about the counter!! Its fun to see that there are no more days left but then its almost worse because you get to the end of your goal, but with no prize. Josh and I were talking the other day, and he was talking to the belly saying how this baby was just trying to make a grand entrance!! I think he is right, the only thing i worry about is that this baby is already stubborn, with a mind of its own. I don't know if that makes him/her more like his mom or dad!!! So still just waiting, i guess I know that the doctor wont let me go more than a week over my due date, so I guess there are no more than 7 more days, and this time I can make a chain( you know the paper chains you used to make growing up, when your excited for Christmas, your birthday, or something your just waiting for to come) and know that when I get to the end I will get what we are waiting for.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ten Dollars!!

I wish I took a picture before I started with the cushions on, but this is what the fabric looked like.
So I found this glider on KSL for $10 bucks! Can you believe it? She said it was pretty used but in good condition. When I went to go look at it, I couldn't believe how nice the chair was, but the cushions were pretty used. So I decided since this baby is not here yet I would start a new project! I will say it turned out better than I thought it would, for a first re-upholstering. I'm just excited to have one, and even more excited that with everything it cost 30 bucks!!! Now the baby just needs to come!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Doctors Visit #100, it Fells Like

Just so you know I am going to tell about my visit to the doctor, so for those that don't like it, don't have to read it but I want to be able to have it one day to remember. John thinks its weird, and that's the only reason I give the for warning. SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ IT, JOHN! So Monday I went in or my weekly visit, and I had Dr. Gamete. He checked me and told me that I finally changed. I am now 65% and dilated to a 2 (well in between a 1 and 2, it just makes me feel better to say 2). I asked him if he would help me, because you hear that stripping the membranes helps. So he did and that was awful. He told me before it would be about 10 seconds and that I would not like him. So he had his arm across my belly and I was squeezing it the whole time. I hope he dint care but if he was going to do that I needed something to squeeze. Half way through he said okay you have 5 more seconds, and I told you, you wouldn't like me, can you do it. I was not about to stop now so I had him finish. I was pushing down on the end of the table and it made this noise like it came off the hinge(Josh and laughed about how I broke the table after) I didn't have a chance to look at Josh but I"m sure he was not looking, probably staring at the wall behind him!!! I have heard that getting this done can put you into labor within 24 hours, I'm still pregnant so I hope it at least changed me. So the best part is Emma went in the day after me to have the same thing done, and after told the nurse that he sister-in-law had this done yesterday and it was not as bad as I had described. The nurse then told her,"oh she must of had Dr. Gamete". Of course I got him, but at least it was the first time it had ever been done so I really didn't know what to expect. Believe it or not if I go in Monday and they say I have changed, as bad as it was, I will have them do it again. The things you will do to get this baby here! After, Dr. Gamete sat down and talked to us for a little bit, and he told me how I have a good sized baby in there, and he hopes the baby is turned right, or there is a possibility of have a c-section. He said I don't want to scare you but I just don't want to get in there and spring this on you if we do end up having to do it. He said there is still a 75% chance it will be normal. I then asked him how long after the due date he would let me go. He said most women don't go more than a week over, and then said I can promise you, you will have the baby by December 1st. I said, can you tell me I will have it by the end of the week, and he said well I can promise it will be here before thanksgiving. So, he thinks its coming late, just my luck. My new prediction is Nov. 17Th, and then praying it will coming sooner, and not a day later. We will have to see.

Friday, November 07, 2008

The Counter!!!

It was nice to look at the blog today and see single digits!!!!! I can't believe only 9 more days, or at least I hope only 9 more days! I will have to say the closer it gets the harder it is to want to still be pregnant. We are just excited for this little one to get here, and I cant wait to sleep on my belly, but most of all stopping thinking that every little thing I am feeling, could be something!!! We had one night we thought poss. it could be something so we got the car packed and ready, but there was nothing! Dont worry we will keep everyone updated!!


The last few years Josh and I have made the rounds to see all the nieces and nephews, and that has been our favorite. As he and I were driving from one place to the next Josh and I were talking and just saying how happy we were to be able to go and see all the kids, and that Halloween for us now was not some pointless party but to see the cute little kids all dresses up and to see the excitement as they go from house to house or trunk to trunk. I was able to get a few pictures, but of course Morgan would not let me get a picture of her this year, again, and then surprising neither would Kaden.... Justin was getting ready to go on the Rhino so I just said forget it, ill get one from there blog!!!

37 Weeks

A Little late, but i didn't have the picture so I took it off of Emma's blog... I will have to get another picture before we both have our babies as one last picture!!!!! It has been so much fun to take these month pictures with Emma, and even more fun to be pregnant at the same time! Or kids will be so close in age, and I loved that growing up!