Thursday, March 27, 2008

Who's Arm is Who's?

Okay so Lindsey was over at the house today and was looking at the pictures and then yelled for me to come look. If you look at her and Kambria there are like 3 arms coming from who knows where. You cant tell which arm, shoulder, or elbow belongs to which person. It is so funny, and it made us think of the time we were all up at 3 in the morning laughing at our family picture, picking out all the funny things in it. Like John with the miniature hand, and pooh on his knee. Dad with the huge mufasa hand, wrapped around Morgans neck, my Chinese smile, Lindsey's model photo because of her hair, Brittany's gimp arm, and I'm sure there was much more I just don't remember, I just remember laughing so hard I was crying.

If someone has the picture you have to post it!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


For the last couple of months I have been playing basketball on Wednesday's for our church team. It has been a lot of fun getting back into it, and doing something fun for exercises. The last 3 weeks we have been in regions, and that has been a lot of fun too. We had to make our way through the losers bracket but we played yesterday for he championship game, and lost. Our team could not make anything and we didn't have Sandra, the tallest girl we have on the team, so i had to play post. At 5'4 that really shouldn't be happening. Plus the other team cheated... i know excuses , excuses, but I'm being dead serious. One of there best players fouled out in the 3rd quarter, and she knew it. After she got her last foul she got mad, took off her jersey and left the gym. Then one of the other girls on the team(this girl is such a complainer, and the biggest brat)went over the scores table talked to her husband who by chance was keeping track of the fouls, Josh saw him mark something, and then the girl who fouled out was back in the fourth quarter. Weird I know... So then Josh calls her on it and the girl that we don't like turned around and started trying to explain to Josh and then told him he was a bad sport, and Josh was like why because I called you out on cheating, in church basketball. I don't think she liked that very much. Even though we got 2ND we still got a t-shirt. I just don't know when I will be able to wear it, I'm still a little bugged we lost, but that comes with the game!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I'm still waiting on a few pictures from the trip to Texas but after I saw David's sad blog about being lonely i decided we needed to blog about the few days we got to spend in Texas... it might help those of us that had to come back a little earlier feel better. That of worse because they are still there in the 80 degree weather and we got sleeting yesterday.

So its been about a week but for good reasons-- we were in Texas celebrating our mom's 50th birthday!! This was a big one so we had to make a big deal of. After thinking and thinking and thinking some more we decided with every ones schedules in the middle of the school year, we would take a few days and all surprise mom in Texas. Well the plan worked. It turned out to be so much fun, and every time I am there I always think about changing my ticket to stay longer because I am never quit ready to leave.

We had the BIG surprise Saturday afternoon, went to church on Sunday- which had the funniest story. Some guy in the ward came and told my dad that someone had hit the xterra(one of our cars) so of course we all go out there. It was the weirdest thing, the guy told my dad that the xterra backed into him. i wish you could of seen the picture he was inside the parking lines, hit the car and was about 2 inches from hitting the car right next to the xterra. Dad was not having it... it takes a lot to get my dad mad enough to where he will argue back with someone, and this was great. he was telling the guy that there was no one in the car and there was no way we could of hit him, and then he told him "sir there is no reason for you to tell a fig, so stop fibbing!!!" it was great! Good job dad!! Then the cops came and realized this guy was full of it, switched information and that was that. Then Monday we had three of our favorite meals... shipleys to start the morning , sweet mesquite, and then Pappasitos at night. After dinner we threw a surprise party for mom with all her friends. It turned out great and the cake was so cute. When i get the picture of it i will post about it. This was the best because after she walked in the door we didn't have to keep anything from her anymore. It felt like 20 pounds was lifted off. Tuesday some of us went to Harwin and all got new purses- thanks to mom! Its not a trip to Texas with out a trip to Harwin! And then we all got to go and eat at Taste of Texas(need i say more). Then Josh, David, Lindsey and I all got to go to the Rodeo and see Rascal Flats perform. It was kind of last minute but it was lot of fun and we got tickets in the suite so it was even better. Wednesday morning we got a few hours in the pool a little bit of color and then it was off to the airport, where we sat for 4 hours because of all problems with Southwest and having to ground 41 of there planes. But we did make it home okay!!
So after talking about this trip I think it just made it worse that we are here and they are still in Texas, but needless to say it was so much fun
Happy Birthday MOM! We love you!

Thursday, March 06, 2008


For our anniversary Josh made reservations at Ruth's Chris! We were so excited because we had heard only good things about it. We ordered filet's, a side a Au gutin potato's and some asparagus. It was so good, we would go every week if we had the money!! After dinner we went to cold stone another one of my favorite places for ice cream. So with full bellies we went home and watched a little law and order!
My gift to Josh is the football helmet. I have had this idea in my head for about a year and a half but i was just not ever sure how to really do it. I knew i wanted an Ohio state helmet with our pictures but because of how the helmet is shaped I just didn't know if it would work. I decided i was just going to do and it turned out really cute. If i can brag for a second i really was proud of myself.
Josh's gift to me was perfect. I was certified to scuba dive when i was a senior in high school and have not been able to go since. One- because Josh is terrified of sharks and said he would never get certified and then two- we just have not had the time. So Josh surprised me telling me he would get certified to go with me and we would go on a vacation of choice. He was been looking at places for months now and narrowed it down... but i cant wait. It will be so much fun.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Can you believe it... it has been one full year since Josh and I were married in the Houston temple, and one year and one day since he and I received one of the best blessing, being endowed on the same day! Josh and I have had a great year together. I couldn't of asked for a better husband or better first year. I don't really mean to brag, but Josh and I rally had an easy year. We had a few ups and downs, I'm like most but i would have never exchanged it for anything different. I love him to death and he really has become my best friend. I hope the next year only gets better and our time is just as well spent if not better. I can't wait for the new and fun adventures that we have coming ahead. Some will be fun, some will be scary, some will be crazy, but I'm just excited to do it with Josh. I LOVE YOU, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Also thinking about this day one year ago, all I can think of is how grateful I am for all the family and friends that were there to support us. There was not much I wanted on this day but getting married in the temple where i grew up, and I really appreciate the money and time that everyone gave in being there. I know there were some that wished they could of been there and we understand and thanks for thinking of us. Also thank you to my mom for doing it all for me. You made my day the best i could of imagined and the most memorable day of my life. It was perfect and only because of everything you did for me. You planned and spend countless hours because you cared, and I can't express how grateful I am... THANK YOU, and I LOVE YOU!


For Valentines weekend we had planned to take a vocation to St. George, 1- because the weather is much better there and 2- Josh has wanted to visit Jeff and Kayla for months, maybe even years. He grew up with Jeff in Ohio and was good friends with Kayla as they dated and now married. So after the Valentines weekend didn't work we planned for a couple weekends after. We had such a blast and we want to make it down there a lot more often, maybe even live there.

Friday morning first thing Josh and I did was put on our shorts and t-shirts and went outside to throw the football around in the 70 degree weather... it was great. Then Jeff and Kayla bought us a couples massage for our one year anniversary, so we went to have that done, and i cant tell you how good that was. It was the best gift, i think that it is one of our favorite things. Then later that day we went to play sand volleyball. I wont rub it in too much but we did play best of three and Josh and I came out on top!!!! After our victory, we went to Texas Road house for a nice steak dinner. Then we decided to get in our suits and go to there neighborhood hot tub. Sadly it was not hot, it was freezing, so we just went home and talked and playeda game, but i think this time we got into bed before 2.

So Saturday morning we woke up, went to there nieces basketball game, which sadly they lost in overtime but it was a fun game. Kayla and I both had a hard time watching b/c she and i played in basketball competitively and we both felt like going out there to help them. After the game we picked up some fresh pineapple, subs and headed up to Zions. I had never been there before and it was so pretty. The first hike we stopped half way and had a little picnic and then headed to the top where there was this beautiful lookout point. Oh and I can't forget the two gay guys who took Kaylas camera to take a picture of a Raven, and then put his number in Joshs phone so he could call to send the pictures. Then we went on this other hike to these waterfalls, that were so beautiful. First of all waterfalls are my favorite so there was no going wrong, but it really was great. After the trip in Zions we came home had some pizza and then went over to Jeff's moms house for some round 2 hot tubing. This time it was hot and perfect, but we did have to pretty much drag Josh out, that is one of his favorite things to do. We got back to the house and both Kayla and I wanted some ice cream(another reason I love her) so the boys went and got us some, and then they introduced us to the Office. Josh and I are hooked. Give us about 3 week and we will have watched all of them.

It was like old times for Josh and Jeff and the four of us got along so well, but sadly we had to say good bye to our new besties!!! We had so much fun with Jeff Kayla and there little boy Cru (who by the way was so cute and so good, he was at most all the activities and was just content being outside having fun, i love him) but we will be back!

After we left, Josh wanted to show me around his old stopping grounds. The picture of him with the hospital sign was were we worked when he wanted to get experience because he thought he was going to med school. Then he realized he didn't like blood-- so that's why he is in the Accounting program. Then the pictures of the house or trailer is where he used to live. He said that it does have a new coat of blue paint, and does look much worse then before but none the less this was his house, trailer #44!!

Thanks for Shannons Creativity...

Thanks to Shannon we have such a cute Header!!She has started to digital scrapbook and obviously she is so good at it. I think it would be something I would want to get into but i just don't know how good I would be at it!! We will see, I might try one day when i feel like I have time to figure it out, and when I get more creative!!