Sunday, April 26, 2009

Indiana University

Nathan and Matthew

Josh had two brothers that were still born and buried in Indiana. We thought it would be a really good thing to go by the grave site. It was more emotional than I thought it would be, and I think it was because I was sitting there with Lincoln and couldn't imagine the feelings of loosing two boys.

Donatos Pizza

This is the Pizza Place Josh has talked about since I have know him. We saw one on the the way down the Indiana and he had to stop!

More ole stompping grounds


After Notre Dame we went to Indiana's university and were also able to go see Josh's old house, playground, THE creek, elementary school and lots of other places he remembered when he lived there! It was fun to finally see the places he would always talk about. I loved watching him as we went past a new, old place, it was like he was 8 years old again! It was really cute to watch
THE CREEK... every new place had a story and description

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Welcome to Notre Dame

Finally once we were there, we went straight to campus. Josh met with some people, we took a tour of the law building, had lunch with one of there students to answer any questions, and then an LDS guy took us back to his house, where his wife made us dinner and talked to us about the school from there point of view! Everyone there was beyond nice and the campus was gorgeous!
The next day we felt like we needed to walk around campus, so we bundled the little man up, and walked around! Of course we stopped by the football stadium, went to touchdown Jesus(its a wall that looks like a painting of Jesus that is actually made from all different kinds of stone)

more of our trip...

We left Texas and flew into Chicago, picked up our car and the guy had a thick accent which was great and then we stayed in a hotel in Chicago. We woke up early the next morning to drive to South Bend and got the worse directions ever! The guy at the hotel told us not to take to toll road to save us some money and it took an extra hour an half! It was horrible but luckily Lincoln did really well and we made it before it was too late! These are a few pictures of the skyline, the train and rush hour traffic right in Chicago!
It was a bad day so the pictures are not great, that and i took them from the car! Looks so cold out there huh!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I am so mad I didn't get a picture of Lincoln's little basket and even more mad I didn't get a picture in his little outfit, but I did get him dying easter eggs!!!


This last week Josh, Lincoln and I went down to Texas to visit U of H's law school! Josh is starting school up again in August and we have to make a decision by next week of where we want to go so we decided to visit a few schools and see what we thought! Texas was the first stop, making it a little longer than the others to spend time with mom and dad! It was nice to be outside in shorts, and Lincoln loved it, we went on at least 1 walk a day, yes that's Shipleys Lincoln has!

Just Like Daddy!

When we were in Idaho, Lincoln started putting his knees under himself and scooting a little bit! He caught his eye on the calculator and wanted it, so he put his down and started scooting towards it! We had to help him a little but he did get it and I just thought it was funny that of all things he had to play with the calculator! (just like his Dad) Then later that day I set him down for a nap, and I went to check on him and he was sleeping just like his daddy does... arm over the face!

More Idaho Pictures

Steve was able to pull out his camera and get a some really good pictures of the cousins... they turned out cute especially for trying to get a 4 year old, 2 babies and a little one who just wants to always be on the move to sit and take a picture! I loved being up there with everyone, and especially having Lincoln spend time with his grandparents, its doesn't get much sweeter than that!

Meeting Hallie

A few weeks ago, we were able to make it up to Idaho to visit everyone, includin Steve, Rachel and Hallie who came from Montana! It was fun for them to meet Lincoln for the first time and see how big Hallie has gotten! Hallie and Lincoln were so cute, she kept hugging him, and loving on him! We were able to capture a few cute pictures!