Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lincoln Using the "Big Ones" golf clubs

Of course Lincoln couldn't wait to play with his new clubs after his birthday, but this was the day after, but of course took me forever to post!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kids Party!

Lincoln wanted to of course go golfing on his birthday, so i took him and his friends, with of course a little help. Chels and her little baby Sadie came to help manage the 3 two year olds

The reaction we were hoping for

Grammy and Papa bought his first set of golf clubs and his reactions was so cute!!

Dinner and cake

(his first set of golf clubs... he knew the names of every club in the bag and was so excited to have the"big ones") already sharing with his buddy
(we know someone at least liked the cake)
My mom, dad and grandma and pompom came over and we had a little tri-tip and asparagus... i know you would not think a meal for a 2 year old but when he actually eats, he has a very mature palate. Opened a few presents and then had a little cake. We missed Lincoln's twin this year, maybe when they move here we will have another joint party.

The Cake

I took Lincoln to the cake shop to get a few things for his cake and he was so excited, I would ask him" Lincoln who has a birthday on Friday?' and he would say"cake!" Golf is definitely one of his favorite things right now so we did a "golfing hole", with the golf cart and all his favorite characters as spectators. I thought it turned out okay!

Can you Believe 2!!

It feels like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital, and now he is talking, playing any kind of sport he can think of, excited about life and figuring something out new everyday. Lincoln is at such a fun stage right now. He loves to tell you colors of things, can count, can tell you his letters, and numbers, loves backyardagains, Sesame Street, Handy Manny, golf(going to the Alvin course and be on the golf cart), basketball, baseball. He loves airplanes and trains. He still loves his baths, and loves his music in the car. Most popular request is monkeys...#2 on the CD. Lincoln is very observant and picks things up really fast. We think this is why a 2 year old can swing the golf club as well if not better than his daddy. He loves Trey right now. Sometimes does not like him playing with his toys and can be a bully, but the best thing is to hear them playing together and laughing together. Right now he really loves his daddy. Sometimes I get a little jealous but it really is cute. Almost every morning he grabs dino(the little green dinosaur grandma and pompom gave for Christmas which he sleeps with every night) milk and pillow, walks up the Josh's side of the be and says"oh hi daddy" and comes in to cuddle his daddy. Josh is gone a lot at night and normally is not able to see Lincoln and so this is Lincoln's time to be with daddy. Loves going over the Grammy and Papas house. Sometimes i think he likes them better than me, but thats what a grammy and papa are for. Loves going on walks and playing soccer at Lost Creek, after our walks with Chelsea and Sadie. Talks about the temple and the airplanes he sees there. Loves to play with his friends Logan and Austin. Loves to say pray, and i love to see him fold his arms. He normally mentions everything he sees in the room, or something he did that day, and then of course at the end, throws his arms in the air and yells "Amen". This stage is just so endearing, and you love to see them grow, but hate to see them get older.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A few more of Marian and Lincoln going Door to Door!

the Cru-Brooks!

Little Brooks was only a few days old, and in a room with 12 other grandkids could get a little crazy, but other than him we had all the grandkids! i dont think we have ever take a picture with that has gone this well. No break downs, they just sat there and smiled... it was great!!

Some Halloween Pictures of the boys!

Halloween Videos

You can tell who we featured!! We just love the twins!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Cute Video with Christian

I feel like I really didn't get the cute part of them playing, but still cute. I love to see My kids playing with there cousins. That is definitely one thing I miss about being in Texas, but Im so glad we are able to visit as much as we are!
Christian has always been a sweet natured kid, and Im sure has had to learn to fend for himself, over the years, so when Lincoln came to take one of the bowling pins, Christian was not having it, until I asked if lincoln could play with him, and then it was so cute. He of course said,"yes" and then when Lincoln would knock over the pins he would cheer for him. I just love Christian and love that he is still so sweet natured.

Of Course the Hodsons...

When we were living there, Christy helped me with Lincoln while I worked, so Lincoln is kind of there 4th kid!! He loves the kids and they love him! It is really cute to watch. Now of course that Trey is there the feelings are the same. He is still too little but tries to get in there and play! Trey is almost too big for Morgan to walk around holding... I guess its time for another! Sorry Morgs, you will have to wait a little longer!

Halloween with Collin and Eden!

Im sad I didn't get any pictures of Eden, because she was the cutes gorilla I have ever seen! But it was so good to see them and Shannon! I miss being close enough to go over there whenever, but every time I see them it feels like I never left, we just pick up right where we left off, its great!

More of Our Twins!

One day I went over to Emmas for a little bit, and of course we can never leave with pictures of the Twins! Even time, its so fun to watch them interact.

Brooks Jacob!!

Loopy had her baby last week and so my mom, me and the boys all made our way back up to Utah. The boys did really well on both flights, which makes for a lot better of a trip. Lincoln loves airplanes right now, so this was so fun for him. When we landed, Lincoln stood up and yelled"yah, he did it"!!! It was so cute and of course everyone else loved it too!
Little Brooks, is so cute!! I just can't get over it!! Lindsey and Jake are of course doing well as first time mommy and daddy! Its hard with the first, no matter how much you are around kids, its all new! But they are doing great!


Not completely, the traditional booing of the neighbors, but Josh was gone that night, we were making cookies and thought it would be fun!!! Lincoln practiced saying boo the who way there and then forgot once we got there!! It still was really cute!

Kids on the Tramp

Ever since we left Lincoln keeps talking about jumpin with Chris

Some things you just can't let go!l

John called us one day and asked if we wanted to met him, Emma and the kids in Dallas to play in a softball tournament with Brian and Jeni. So like I said, some things never change!! There was not much discussion, if John and Emma were going to drive 21 hours in the car, we figured we could do 5!! It was such a fun weekend. It was crazy having 8 kids under 4, with 6 adults in a house but i think thats what made it fun! We loved it! The first night the boys went to the Rangers playoff game, then we had the tournament which we didnt win, but with the kids and the delay in games we were ready for it to be over. Then we had some awesome Mexican food, a little taste of Brians cooking and we were back on the road!