Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bragging, just a little!!

I do have to brag just a little bit... Lincoln is super into his numbers and letters, which is great because they are everywhere. I know I sit down with him every once in a while and so does my mom to practice numbers and letters, but I really think we have sesame street to thank. Lincoln is very observant, as you know from what he has picked up off the t.v with his sports stuff, but I think for not even 2 yet, this is pretty good.

Easily Amused

I love that something as simple as a balloon can entertain. Trey is normally so happy, so I was not to shocked to see him playing with the same thing 30 minutes later, and still laughing like he just found it!!

One Track Minded

Trey has been walking along the furniture for a little bit now, but he never moves this fast unless he has something to work for!! I love it, it is so cute!