Saturday, June 19, 2010

Family Pictures...

I have been so bad at blogging, esp. because there is a ton of really great stuff that has happened!! I wanted to let everyone see at lease one picture that Steve and Rachel took of us!! They are so good, so if anyone needs family pictures, wedding pictures, baby pictures, senior pictures... you name it!!
Check out there website!!! Let me know if you need or want more information!

Lincoln, playing with Collin

Collin wanted to go outside and play, so then of course Lincoln was right there behind him! I left them to just play a little bit together in the backyard, and later came to check on them, finding Lincoln wet! I asked Collin, why is Lincoln so wet. he said well I filled the wheel-barrel up with water and he was sticking his hand in it to play. I said, Collin he is too little to reach in there, not lie, just tell me why he is so wet. He then said "okay fine i squirted him with the hose, okay Jacqs". I just died, it was so funny! They played really well together the whole trip, until Collin figured out that when Lincoln would get in trouble he would have to go to time out, so Collin loved finding ways to get Lincoln in trouble.

Cory, Brett and the Boys

Brett and Cory had just had there sweet baby boy, Lucian about 2 weeks before we came. i am so mad at myself for not pulling out the camera to take pictures of him, but I was able to catch a few of Cory, Brett and my boys!! Well I guess just Trey and Collin!

Pape and Trey

Here are a few pictures I took of Papa with Trey! He is so cute with Jaylee and Trey, he would get them to just laugh and laugh. I was really cute to watch!

More of Jaylee and Trey

Like I said before, I don't think we got enough pictures of these two together!!! They were just so cute, we couldn't help it!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

I love these Pictures!

As most of you know some of Lincolns favorite toys require a hoop, bat,golf club and of course any kind of ball! After being in Utah where every basement he went into had a hoop he just figured this was the case at there house too! So he went downstairs calling for the hoop! So grandma made him his own hoop out of baskets! This was great for him, just someone had to sit with him and get the ball out of the "hoop" each time he shot it! Then he found Shaunies fly swatter(which is the biggest swatter i have ever seen) and used that has his bat, or golf club(depending on his mood).

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Papa and Trey

Trey loves his papa!! This video is super cute of them!

Cute Video in Idaho

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


More of Lincoln Playing Golf

This is for Emma!!! There was a shot on the video that shows Lincolns heel, and I just think of you when I see his big block feet with the "heel a foot past his calf."

Collin Catching the Mouse with Papa

We were up at Josh's families house in Idaho, and Josh's dad came in looking for his camera! I told him he could use mine, but he needed some one to use the camera to get photos of he and Collin catching this mouse! It was so funny and so cute to watch! It was like he won some kind of prize! This is not the only thing Collin and his papa caught this weekend. Collin comes running inside one day and asked me if I wanted to see his skunk! I thought, what in the world! Yes, there was a skunk, in a cage, in there shed! Not sure what to do with it at that point, but yes, it was in there!

Mr. Trey and Ms. Jaylee Belle

These are just the first bunch of pictures we took of these two!! Just like Marian and Lincoln I love to watch as they grow and learn together! It was fun to watch Jaylee and Trey rocking together as they were both working on rolling over, laughing, starting to talk a little and especially liked they interacting a little(or at least what we counted as interacting). Both very happy babies, and so much fun to play with!

Playing on the Tramp with Kaden

Lincoln loved playing with Kaden on the tramp! It was so cute to watch them playing together! I think Kaden liked not being the youngest, and he was such a big helper!

Cute Pictures of Trey in Utah

Trey being his happy self, just sitting on the couch, hanging out!


Lincoln fell in love with being at the Hodsons house! There was a small basketball hoop and a big basketball hoop in the basement. There was any kind of shape or size ball he could imagine and then there was hockey outside. He has never really been exposed to hockey, but his Uncle Brian loved to take him outside to play, and Lincoln loved to be taken outside to play. First, he started playing with the big hockey stick and then after a day or so of him loving it, Brian cut down on of there hockey sticks! It was so cute to watch him be out there with the big boys! Justin was so good to take him around everywhere and let him play with him!

Morgan and Trey

Her are just a few pictures of Morgan(the mom) and Trey! Morgan was good with the boys but especially with Trey! She loves the little babies. She loves everything there is about babies, and being pregnant, nursing, the delivery, you name it! That girl was made to be a mom! She loved putting Trey to sleep and I'm sure he loved snuggling up to her to be put to sleep. I miss having my Morgan around!

Swimming In May!!

LOOK AT THAT BELLY!!! you don't get more relaxed than this!!
Yes this is us in the swimming pool in May!! If this sounds appealing to anyone, let me know and ill tell you exactly where you need to go to find this!! I'm sure we can find you a nice home and i think some really great friends! This is one of the many things we love about being here, no more winters!! We wont talk about the summers yet, but we do love no snow!

Lincoln Playing Golf

This is a little long but i just can't get enough of it! It is so funny! I don't know if it shows this in the video but he lines up the balls(now he likes the golf ball look alike), then he will waddle a little walk up to the ball, maybe do a practice swing and then hit the ball. Then on an occasion he will very lightly hit the ball to practice his putting!! He is so cute and the only place i can think he picked this up was from watching TV with Daddy!


Forgot to post these cute pictures of Lincoln coming down the stairs Easter morning and dying his Easter eggs!! Then of course the happy little Trey sitting next to his Easter basket!