Saturday, August 25, 2007


Can you believe it, 22! I'm still so young but i feel like there have been so many great things that have happened in these 22 years. I want to say I love you and thank you to my mom especially because she gave birth to me, but also to my dad- they both for the last 22 years have shown me how much they love and care about me. They have helped make me into the person I am today, and i could never thank them enough, love you! So this birthday was great. Not only did mom surprise with our trip to LA but also when i got back, Josh picked me up from the airport and surprised me with a night at Castle Creek Inn. It is kind of like a bed and breakfast, really nice and so cute. Then he took me to Flemmings a really nice steak resturant. I was way surprised because i thought we would just be traveling all day, but it ended up being perfect!

The Zoo!

I had a day off from work so Josh and i decided to do something different and went to the zoo. I have been talking about wanting to go for a little bit now, and I'm glad we went... it was so much fun. You see a lot of these animals on t.v. and in movies all the time but it's amazing to see them in person. Josh and I decided we want to get a monkey. Wouldn't it be so fun to have a monkey as a pet. Everyone would love it! The alligator pictures are for David, because we all know how much he loves those. We really did have a lot of fun, and I told Josh we need to go back when we have more time. Although i think we will take some of our nieces and nephews next time, because i think we were the only adults there without kids.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Josh's Dream

So Dane, one of Josh's good buddies just barley got a dirt bike. He and Josh have been talking about getting one for a while now, so you know how jealous Josh would be, or is. We went over to his house so he could test it out! They looked liked little boys playing with toy cars all over again!!!

Our Traditional 4th Weekend!

Josh for the last few years has always gone home for the fourth of July! Not only to be with family but believe it or not Idaho Falls puts on a great show. This year was just as much fun as last. we got to spend time with family at the traditional fireworks spot (which we thought was almost taken this year... We had another family that camped out in our spot, but we were able to squeeze in- we will just have to be careful next year they don't take it all!!!), and we got to go Whitewater Rafting again this year. I'm glad most all the family was able to be there- it always makes it more fun when everone is there.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Josh's Birthday!

So while we were gone Josh had a birthday! I know everyone already knows this but i just wanted to blog about it, because if we did have Internet we would have blogged about it! We went to the pool with Christy her kids, John, Emma, Brandon there friend and Gus, David, Jenny and the boys, Shannon, Lindsay and Collin, and then of course us! We all had lunch and swam there, and then Josh and I went to one of his favorite restaurants, Tepanyaki! Then I just made one of his favorite desserts, brownies. Nothing like last year but we had a lot of fun being with family. Josh does not always love his birthday, he feels like he is getting too old, but I always love celebrating his birthday, b/c I love him more than anything and love celebrating the day he was born because i couldn't image him not being a part of my life.I'm so proud of everything he has accomplished and the person he has become. He is a great husband and a great best friend! The best part about the pool was watching Morgan screeming her head off running around the pool screeming, and Christy trying to catch her, so she would go down the pool! SHe went and loved it but getting her there was so funny to watch! I forgot to get candles so we put tee-lighs on the cake instead!!

Brittany's Tournament

This is Brittany on the way up!

While Brittany was here we got to go up one of the days and watch her play golf. It was hot but lots of fun. i didn't really get that many pictures because i was scared she would mess up. The main reason we decided to blog about this was because we thought ever one would get a good laugh, and totally know "it's just dad". Brittany's t-time was at 7:30 and dad asked us to be there at 6 or 6:15 so Brittany could warm up and so she would not be late. Look at our picture of how crowded it was when we got there.... The people setting up the tournament were not even there yet! Brittany could't even check in! We love you dad!


SO 3 months later, what better than for our first blog to be about smart cookie. I was the only prepared one to bring my camera when we all decided to try out David and Jenny's new favorite place, and since we didn't have Internet, you now get to see how fun it was! We need to all do another smart cookie run!