Sunday, July 27, 2008

Playing with Collin

Yesterday after our softball game, that we won, we got to watch Collin! We were asking all kinds of stuff to do, like swimming, wave pool, something to eat, miniature golf, I felt like everything but then he popped up and said "wanna go bowling and then shoot the animals." There is an arcade hunting game at Fat Cats, that I think he has played once when we took him there before, that apparently he loves. Amazing kids associations. So Sam, Sheerstie, Josh and I all went to go bowl, and then made it to Dairy Queen, because Collin wanted a Hot Dog for lunch, and you can never go wrong with dairy queens ice cream. We then wanted to head up to Cedar Hills for there carnival, but after Collin woke up from his nap and we got up there it was over. That was okay because he had fun jumping on the tramp, climbing on the rocks, going in the little room, singing into the mic, playing with all the kids at Suz's. We decided to do some of our own fireworks... a little windy but it was still a lot of fun. The little kid in Josh always comes out evertime we do this. Then we were waiting for the big fireworks to start but it was nasty windy, ligthning, thunder, and raining. After 1030 they called it off and postpond till Monday, so until then.

24th of July

I had work off and Josh didn't have class so all day, we just played, played and played some more, but i didn't take one picture! ill have to steal some from everyone else. First Josh and John woke up for there 6am tee time. Those boys are crazy but Josh keeps saying this is his new favorite time! After there golf game we went to little cafe in North Oren- Callie's cafe, and it was so good. I think my new favorite breakfast place. Then we went to the pool for like 5 hours, finally got a little bit of color and It felt so good to just sit in the cool water. After the pool we went back down to Provo to play in a little pick up softball game. It started out as BP for out first tournament game on Saturday but then we had enough people to play a little game. After the game we went up to Suz's to watch some fireworks. I guess there is this guy that gets $300 dollar donations from his neighbors and puts on a show every year. It was right in Suz and Jeffs backyard, so it was a perfect view and they were really good. By this time I was about done! I had to get up the next morning for work at 7, and it came all too quick. But it was a really fun day... Josh asked me : you know those days that everything is just going right? Today is one of those days"

Thursday, July 24, 2008


On July 11Th we had our first ultrasound!! I know a little late posting but i wanted to make sure and post about it. It was so much fun! We first walked into the room and said"were not finding out" I knew if we didn't say it right away then we might be tempted later! The lady was very shocked, and said you don't really hear about that too much around here. She check all the major organs, the placenta, let us see the heart beat, the 4 chambers of the heart, hands, feet and it was amazing what a machine like that can see and do. It was really neat to sit in there with Josh and be able to see our little baby... and a blessing to hear the lady tell us the baby is looking healthy! After the ultrasound was over, Josh asked the tech... so do you know what it is? She said she thinks she might of got a little glimpse but she said she steered clear from there. Everyone keeps asking, so are you glad you didn't find out? I think either way is so much fun, but I'm glad we didn't find out because i think it will make it hat much more exciting in the delivery room, and it will be fun to have the family come to the hospital to see what it is! I'm also glad we had our minds made up before we went in, or I think it would of made it that much harder.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Out with the Girls

Yesterday was Kambria's birthday, so we went out with a few a of her friends to Happy Sumo. It was a lot of fun to put on something other than scrubs and go out to eat with the girls. It was also a lot of fun to see Kelly and hang out with her.

Belly Shot

So like we said we would do... Mine and Emma's belly shot at about 21 weeks.


Another year... Our annual fourth of july trip to Idaho Falls. For the last who knows how many years the Petersens have found the best place to watch fireworks. Shaunie, Kelly, Megan, Kelli and Dad all woke up at 6 and staked it out, to make sure we got that spot. We went a little lated this year than normal but we still went around 1, played some frisby, catch, rode our bikes, and played the longest game of catch phrase I think I have ever played. It was not as long as we would of wished it to be but it was still a lot of fun!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Foam Pit

So this weekend we were up in Idaho for our annual Fourth of July trip. One of the days we decided to go to this gymnastics place and play on the equipment, and jump in the foam pit!My favorite was watching everyone take forever to try and get out of the foam pit, its harder than it looks. It was fun to watch what little things everyone had picked up from watching gymnastics and see there attempt to copy it. You definitely have a greater appreciation for the strength and ability those gymnasts have ( way to go Kasey and Morgan). And they only thing that makes you nervous is watching two brothers get together in a place like that and have there minds start to churn. Josh and Sam were like little kids in a candy store, trying anything, no matter how impossible it was, it became there goal to succeed. I kind of had to sit back and not really do anything crazy, I'm not sure the baby would of loved it if i jumped on him/her but I guess that's just one of those things that's part of it, so i got to take the pictures! The video was funny because this was every ones attempt to run and jump in the pit but to be as horizontal as possible. Don't let Megan's turn trick you, it was supposed to be horizontal not vertical!!