Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Little One on the Way!!

So on March 11Th I took the pregnancy test that told us we were expecting. We were in Texas for my moms birthday and took probably 3 different tests until we found the one we liked. After the miscarriage in January this came as a surprise and a little more emotional then expected, but we are so excited now and cant wait for our little one to get here. Because we were down in Texas we decided to tell the family we were expecting!! It was a fun surprise especially on Mom's birthday but i think the best part is that very same day Emma announced that she was pregnant too. She and I are about 4 days from each others due date and its been fun so far to compare and go threw it with her.

I am about 15 weeks pregnant and finally not throwing up anymore. As crazy as it is to say it has been a blessing for us to be sick, because with the first one I was not sick at all. I really think that being sick has helped calm both of our nerves, and makes it even more exciting for us.

Josh has been so good to me. He hardly lets me do much, as far as lefting heavy things, he cleans the house almost always, rubs my back and feet almost every day, goes and buys me snacks to make sure I alwasy have something to eat, does the laundry and does the best he can at rubbing my back when i'm throwing up. Poor thing has the worse gag reflexes, and I think has thrown up a few times with me. I think the words "this is the last one" came out a few times, but I really think I wouldn't of been able to get through it without him. Now that I'm feeling a lot better he will ask do you think we could have more after this one... Love him!

Monday, May 26, 2008


This is a little after the fact but I wanted to make sure that anyone who didn't know saw that out little sister went to state for golf. Out of 6 kids in our family, Brittany was the only kid that made it to state in something. Her team played in the state golf tournament in Austin about 3 weeks ago. The first day was a little rough but she did a great job the second day. It was fun to be there to watch her play, cheer her on, and fun to watch as their team took 4th in the whole state of Texas. Good Job Britty, and thanks mom and dad for allowing us to be there for it!
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Mr.and Mrs.Tyler Large

On May 3rd, Sandra was married in the New Port Temple. I was lucky to be there for it, and be part of the wedding party. It was so so much fun and it was well worth the trip. Having to travel on a plane and still in the sick stage of pregnancy made it a little difficult but like i said it was well worth it. She looked so pretty and they looked so happy. It was was fun to be able to go and see her get married in the temple. She was just glowing and you could tell how much he cares for her!! They will definitely be a great couple, and good for each other.

Finally Pictures

These are the pictures from when Nat, Kari and Bixente were here at Bridal Veil Falls and the house!