Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Do you remembers taking these pictures the 1st day of school!! The first 2 days have gone really well, and I'm sure its still just the beginning but I am so proud of Josh for going through with what he has always wanted to do, no matter how hard its been, or will be!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Pictures

So while Steve and Rachel came to visit they took some family pictures of us, and they turned out so good!! I love them so much! I wish I was not 4 months pregnant in them but i couldn't be happier!! Steve does a great job and if you want to check out his work here is his website http://www.clark-imaging.com/! We have been so lucky to have Steve and Shannon in our family, with such great talents! These are just a few of our favorites, Thanks again!!!

Monkey kissing the Monkey

Before we left the Hodson kids insisted on giving Lincoln this little monkey flashlight!! Lincoln loves it! He always opens to give it kisses and i thought it was too cute to not put up for them to see!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome to Texas!

Last Tuesday, we had to say good bye to everyone in Utah as we headed onto our new adventure in Texas! Josh and I went on for weeks, maybe even months trying to decide where we thought we be the best place for us to be. After a few surprises, prayers and thoughts, we finally decided Houston!! Leaving was really hard for us, and still sometimes hard! I think it helps that it feels a little like home, so it almost feels like a vacation! Lots of mixed emotions but it seems like each day it does get better. Our families planned a surprise party for us a few days before we left with lots of friends and family! As hard as it was walking up knowing it was everyone saying good-bye it was really neat to have everyone there. Thank you everyone for your efforts to be there, We Love you all and Miss you!!
Josh has been there I would say close to everyday since the day Collin was born. They have been each others buddies! They love and adore each other! It was really hard for Josh, and surprising Collin understood more than we thought, and was hard for him. We got a text about 15 minutes after we left and they couldn't find Collin he was under his bed crying because he missed his uncle Joshy!!
We thought we needed a picture of the apartment we brought Lincoln home to, so one day when we take him to see it and it looks even more ghetto than it does now he wont be too ashamed.

1/2 Marathon...#2

So Josh's brother Sam has been interested in running the Provo half marathon and didn't have anyone to run with, so Josh decided to train this time and run!! It was fun to go an cheer them on, and they did such a good job. Josh was funny the next morning because he was surprised he could walk. His comment was, "Its a lot easier when you train". No hip problems, and they were able to run the whole thing! Shaunie and Kellie came with Sheerstie, Lincoln and I to help cheer them on. The boys were glad to see us a number of times because they said it gave them an extra burst of energy!
I took Josh up to Vivan Park and this was how cold it was!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cleaning out!!

As we were cleaning out the house trying to get packed to go, I found this itinerary!! Pay close attention to our job from 8:30-8:55. I thought most of you would get a good laugh!! I thought these pictures of monkey were really cute! We put our kids to work at an early age!!

Just needed the Real Food

So most of you know from watching me feed him or from experience of watching him yourselves that Lincoln is a terrible baby food eater!! Lets just say when John and Emma were watching him the other day John was determined to have Lincoln eat a whole jar of baby food. John said he had his talking with Lincoln but come to find out Lincoln only ate half!!! He just likes to spit it out and shake his head no. The other day i was feeding him a little mac and cheese, went to the bathroom and came back to find i was feeding Lincoln all the wrong foods. He apparently knows what he wants!!

Baby Hallie

Steve and Rachel came a few weeks ago, and we got to watch Hallie all day while they shot a wedding! Well Josh watched her most of the day and then when I got home I helped! She was so funny, she was terrified of Josh so she was really good! Rachel told us she would take maybe 2 naps and she ended up taking 3 or 4. Josh said she wouldn't even look at him. She would drink her bottle and then all the sudden would go limp! When i came home, this was Hallie sleeping with her Uncle Josh and I thought it was so cute. Yes, that is a spoon on the side of her face! If was fun to have them stay with us, and to be able to spend time with them before we came to Texas.