Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Video!!

I know there are a ton of videos but I want those that dont get to see him all the time, get to see him this way! And see how much he is chnaging, and how cute he gets every day!

Lincoln was just talking away with Josh, i love it!

Naked Boy

I got him out of the bath, but didn't have his clothes ready, so I told Daddy to keep him warm! When I came back he was just hanging out with his Dad watching sports center... it was too cute I had to take a picture, okay a few pictures!

New York Here she Comes!

This is one of like 10 pictures with Loopy, we kept cutting ourselves off.
Kambria is one of my best friends, that i met here! She and I lived by each other out freshman years and then moved in together for the next year and a half almost 2 years! She was one of my bridesmaids and is now on her way to New York to be with her boyfriend. They have been dating for 8 months long distance and now its time to date in the same city!! Lets just say I hope to see a ring on her finger no later than 5 months... so lets get going Preston! Although our lives have been crazy, and we have not seen each other as much as we wanted, it will be sad to not have her so close!! LOVE YOU KAM, and GOOD LUCK!

Draper Open House

They announced in church they had a bunch of tickets left for the Tuesday session, so we decided to make it over there! It was so pretty and so neat to be in there! As Josh and I were sitting in the celestial room, Josh turned to and said you know what is neat to think about is the next time Lincoln will be in here with us is when he goes on his mission. It was fun to look in the mirrors with him and just watch as our little family has grown!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

This is Monkey's tummy time, he only last for a few minutes but he is so strong! He is already rocking himself up on his hips kind of! I got the camera out a little late so he is kind of mad, but still think he is so cute! Ill have to get a bette one later

He Loves to stand rigth now too! Sometimes when i put him down he gets mad becasue he wants to keep standing, our sweet little boy is so strong!

Josh Just messing around with him!


I started back up at work on Monday, and its something I hope most moms don't have to do. It was really hard for me, but I know its only temporary! Sunday was hard thinking I was going back Monday and Monday morning was hard leaving him, then Monday afternoon was hard because he came to visit at work and it was saying bye again! I will say it sure makes you treasure those moments I do have with him even more! Its been even more hard because he has been so smiley lately and it kills me when he smiles in the morning as I'm about to walk out the door! This week felt like 4 weeks, and it must of been because of work, but i will be a little better with the blog!

Loves the Camera

Lincoln has been blowing bubbles lately... really its just slobber, but he has been doing it a lot! Ask Bitty!! So he was talking with Josh and blowing his bubbles so I got out the camera and this was him just staring at the camera! Its like he sees it and gets lock on it till I put it away!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

In an attempt to get a cute picture of Lincoln in his little valentines day shirt... this is what we got! Josh was playing with him to get him to smile and he would until he saw the camera! Great a little boy who already hates the camera!! I at least got one good one! But of course after being fed!

Friday, February 13, 2009

2 Month Doctors Visit

So we took Lincoln in for his 2 month doctors visit( a few weeks late). The doctors said he is a solid strong boy. He said that with how strong he is there is a possibility he will crawl a little early, but i wont hold my breath. He has been late on everything else so I wont believe until I see it! Poor thing had to get this shots, he was pretty mellow the rest of the day and then the next day i felt so bad for him, every time he would move his legs he would get upset, poor thing... his legs hurt!
WEIGHT 14 lbs 1/2 oz--80.74 %
HEIGHT 24 inches--67.5 %
HEAD 39 1/2 inches--23.27%
I guess he got my head!!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hand and Foot Prints!

So I had this idea I wanted to do for one of the frames in Lincoln's room... and I soon found the idea was cute but to actually do it was way harder then i envisioned! First Josh and tried to do it while he was asleep but once the paint was on his hands he woke right up and then would just make his hand in a fist. It was like he liked how the paint felt on his hands and kept wanting to feel it. He was so good and so cute! Even though I got both of us completely covered in paint, I still got a few good prints of both his hands and feet, so i would say it was a success!!

New Project!!

About 2 weeks ago, I got a text from my aunt Suz asking if we needed a crib because they just put there last child in a bed!! It was such a blessing, because Josh and I went back and forth on whether or not to get a crib, or pack n play. We kind of had decided to get the pack n play until we could get the crib we really wanted, and I was a little sad because i did want a crib but knew that would be the best for now! Now we can have both, a pack n' play for Christy's while I work and the crib. It is such a nice crib and I love it.
So after I found out we were getting the crib I started looking at bedding, and it is so expensive. So I thought I would try and make his quit and bedding. I went to the fabric store on Tuesday and by Wednesday late afternoon i had the quilt finished. I hate starting projects and not finishing them, so I get in this mode where that's all I think about. Lincoln was such a good boy and let me just work(he must of know it was for him).
So I still have to quit it, which I can't decide if I want to get it professionally done or if I want to just do it. Then i also made a bed skirt! I really love the fabric and I'm glad I decided to make it. It was a ton cheaper and the colors I wanted, so i recommend it to anyone, because if i can do it anyone can!
I also decided because I have bedding, now i need to decorate his room, I'm almost done, just need some pictures for the frames and then ill post!

Snuggling with Daddy

These pictures of Lincoln and Josh were so cute, I couldn't help it! Lincoln has been sleeping better in the bassinet but still loves to snuggle his daddy!I loved that he was holding his hands, its totally a comfort thing to always be touching us, just to make sure we are still there!

Upon Popular Demand!

THE RECIPE box of Brownies chocolate chips peanut butter marshmallows peanuts optional- chocolate syrup and caramel Just make a box of brownies- if you want to be ambitious you can make homemade brownies(but this is easier) THE TOP Melt together a Bag of Milk Chocolate chips and about a cup of peanut butter- you can do more or less if you would like of the PB Then once completely melted, add about 3/4 of a regular sized bag of marshmallows, and add as many peanuts as you would like. Then mix until the marshmallows are coated with the chocolate. Then take the mixture and spread across the already made brownies, put in the fridge for about 30-45 minutes. If you would like you can drizzle chocolate syrup and caramel on top THEN YOU EAT IT, EASY HUH!