Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Another mark in the loss column!!! This year has not been what it was all hyped up to be, but it still has been fun! Josh had 4 tests, 2 projects and an LSAT practice test all due this last week and this is what was getting him threw the week, and then the Buckeyes let him down! He says they did play well and if they were to lose to anyone in the BIG TEN it would be Penn State! I guess he has been to busy to really talk my ear off about it, that or he is getting better... you think!!! Maybe not quite. It really is fun and I love that he loves something this much! I have actually gotten into it enough to were I ask a question and don't realize that he and I start talking about for the next 20 minutes, so it can't really be that bad!
Next weeks game should be better, or at least have a better out come!


We had another doctors appointment on Monday and he told me that there was a little bit of change in dilation but not much with anything else. I knew this was going to happen. I started early and have now sat like this for almost 3 weeks. Dr. Jacob says to not get discouraged because it is still early... easy for him to say!!! Josh said when we got home that we got into this knowing it was 40 weeks and its good its still growing and getting healthier, so I said I would try not to get down, but if 40 weeks comes and its still not here then I'm aloud so saw whatever I want, right?!!!!!! This is just a motivational speech if you cant tell!


This weekend Adam and Nicole were married in the Salt Lake Temple. The sealer did a great job and it was fun to be a part of it. Althouth Josh and I have not been married for very long its always good to hear the advice they give to a couple just about to be married!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Josh and I were reading in our week by week pregnancy book last week and it had a check list of all the things they recommend to bring to the hospital. For example, what the baby will come home in, nice warm sock for deliver(who would of thought), maybe a blanket and pillow for the dad, and a few other things. So Josh and I decided for FHE to get together our bag, so when the big day comes we are not crazy trying to get it together (you know like they show in the movies)!! It was kind of fun, and don't worry Josh and Emma, Josh packed the dice for "Never Trust a Pirate" in case we go in the same day!


Who ever came up with this was not kidding. A few weeks ago, all the sudden my house, car, everything seemed to be so dirty, and of course too dirty to bring a baby home too. So I had my carpets cleaned and each day I try and work on something new. The only problem is I start something and then I get tired easy and need to sit down for a minute, that or I have bent down too many times, and the baby starts kicking me, so I need to take a break. Then when I am ready to start again there is another area I would rather work on. So I feel like it is taking a lot longer than it needs too. I am a little bit in panic mode with 3 weeks left because like i said I feel like everything is half way done. I guess the good thing is, the baby will never remember that he/she came home too. I'm sure it will all come together soon, and there will be nothing to worry about! Plus it helps because as much as I am ready to not be pregnant any more it makes it okay that its not time yet, because I'm not ready, but i wonder if I really ever will be!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Getting Ready!

Last night Josh and I started to put together some of our new baby things we got from the shower! Josh was very proud of himself for getting the stroller and car seat all set up. After my mom made the comment about not setting it up before hand to let Josh show his handy work, he was determined! He did a good job and it was fun to have it finished. he was pushing it around and pretending the baby was in it! Its weird to have all this baby stuff around, it makes it feel even more real!


On Saturday I had my first baby shower! Christy and Suz both put it on but there was a lot of help from everyone else. It was so much fun, and weird to be the one having the shower. I can't tell you how many people were so mad at me for not finding out what we are having because they said it made it hard to buy cute things! I think it was still great, I had a lot of my great friends there (some couldn't make it) but all in all it was really fun to see everyone! Also Friday my mom surprised me at work! She flew in for the shower and it meant so much to me. I totally started crying when she came, good thing the patient in the chair was Christy! Then Joshs mom surprised me Saturday at the shower. Her and aunt Cam drove down just for the shower, and that meant a lot to me as well. Like I said it was so much fun with a lot of support from a lot of my great friends and family.


Dilated 1 cm
Last Thursday we had our first appointment where I got checked... Crazy my body is already doing this but with my luck it will be like this for 3 weeks, and the baby will come a week late! Just thought I would keep everyone updated!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Turkey Tails

In between the session of conference, we went over to visit Adam, Shannon, and Collin, and when we were leaving to catch the 2nd session Collin didn't want his uncle Josh to leave and he wanted to come to our house. So we brought him with us. I don't know how most do conference, but we have a big breakfast, snack, blankets, and pj's. Not to mention no make-up, and don't really fix the hair. As you can see, Josh just put on a hat, and that was perfect to cover up the bed head from the last nights sleep. When Josh took his hat off, Collin started laughing so hard, and said "look at your turkey tails" I don't know where he got that from, but I couldn't help but blog about it, because i couldn't stop laughing. I know it is probably one of those funnier had to be there moments but the look on Collins face, and as he laughed and made fun of Josh's hair was just too funny!

Fall Leaves

So we tried again to go up the Canyon and see the leaves changing... and i think we missed it again by a week. We went with some of our friends, Parker and Hali, and rode the lift up. There were still some pretty colors, and it was fun to be up in the canyon but we need to think about it a week earlier next year. I think this is the 2nd year we have done this!

Friday, October 03, 2008


So for the last few weeks, with out fail I am waking up any wehre between 4 and 5am. It was actually getting to be funny how much like clock work this has been, so i decided to take a few pictures so you would believe me. Usually I get up to go to the bathoom, and then for some reason I can't fall back asleep for at least an hour(sometimes 2). I guess it is just getting me ready for when the baby gets here but it would nice if I could get at least a last few weeks in with a good nights sleep. Oh well I guess another one of the many great perks of being pregnant!