Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Forbidden Fruit

Ever since we have started the biggest loser, Josh and I have overall done better with the eating and a lot better with the working out, but there have been a few time we just couldn't help it, we have to have a treat or bad food and we want it we have to have it right then! A week ago Josh went to sonic and had a cheeseburger, and mozzarella sticks. Then that night at about 2am we stopped at walmart and bought a box of chocolate covered donuts.(they were gone by the next morning) We have stopped at McDonalds for french fries at least 2 times(late at night), and then Josh will add a hot fudge sunday. The last night we decided to invent and try this new dessert! It had to be so bad for us, but it was so good! Just in case you guys are worried, no need to worry any more, because now you know whats really going on!

Peek A Boo

The things a parent will do just to make their kids smile!! Of course this was the morning time, and he was so cute! I just love this little boy!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Clean Up!!

I had to put him in the bath after that, and he was so cute! Here is a little video! i love that he loves his baths!

Those that have a weak stomach... DONT LOOK!!!

I could not help it... this morning Lincoln poohed his pants more than I have ever seen in my life! It was so bad, there was not a white spot on the diaper. As I was getting ready to change him i noticed on his onsie the pooh in the front and knew it had to be bad!!
Seriously its bad but i couldn't help it, i had to let everyone see so you would know I was not joking when I said no white spots... But if you have a weak stomach don't look!! I left it on the ground open so Josh would just see it, other wise I don't think he would of looked!
this was before... seriously your last warning!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Smiley Boy

This is Lincoln most mornings, and I love it! The video is a little dark, sorry my eyes were still adjusting at 5am! Just mute my voice it makes it much cuter!! I just love this and love that he can recognize our voices and is smiling so much!


this is josh getting ready to go in
the egg! As some of you know we doing the Biggest Loser contest with most of my family! We all weighed in at Suz's and on may 5th we will all weigh in again. The thing we are doing is percent of body fat, so it makes it fair, or as fair as it can be! Josh and I decided we wanted to get our body fat tested to be a little more accurate, so we went to BYU and did the Bod pod! You were spandex, weigh in, give height she calibrates the machine and then you sit in this egg looking thing! Its pretty crazy but really cool!

More Blessing Pictures!

Friday, January 09, 2009


Here is a picture of our cute little nephew Sebastien! Unfortunately they live in Virginia so we are not able to be there, so I just stole these pictures from there blog! He is so cute, I can't wait to meet him!
I love this one too, I think Bixente looks adorable!

Baby Eden

We went to the hospital again yesterday so i was able to get these cute pictures!
It was so cute because when we were there, and all Collin kept doing was asking to hold baby Eden and then if Adam ever took her back not but 2 minutes later Collin would ask again. One time Adam told him,"I'm going to have a turn." Collin didn't like that. He layed on the ground and said "Dad you never give me a turn" It was so cute! He just loves his little sister!

Couldn't decide..."I"ll have both!"

So finally Josh went and got his draft root beer from A&W. He has been waiting to have this since he broke his no soda streak! So when we got there he couldnt decide if he want just a root beer or if he wanted a root beer float so he had both!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Babies on the Same Day

So it seems to be running in our family to have cousins born on the same day! Yesterday baby Eden and Baby Sebastian were born! Adam and Shannon's little girl and Nat and Kari's little boy! So that makes 6 nieces and nephews on the Petersen side! We were able to go spend a little bit in the hospital with baby Eden and she is so cute! What a beautiful baby, and to see Collin see her for the first time was the cutest thing in the world. He had the painted on grin the whole time, not really sure what to expect! Seeing how good he is with Lincoln, I know he will be such a good big brother

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Loves the Bath

Lincoln Just loves his baths. We started giving him a lot of baths becaus of his stuffy nose. The doctor said it helps to clear him, so we were doing it morning and night! We found that he just loved being in there, so now if he has a lot of gas and is hurting, we put him in the bath and he calms right down... sometimes enough to get the gas out. Thats when daddy is done watching!

Collin and Lincoln

I loved this video of Collin and Lincoln on Chrism as Morning. Collin Just loves Lincoln. Every time we we come over he has to make sure we brought Lincoln, and then we wants to hold him! It is so cute, he will be such a good big brother!

A Sad Loss...

Ohio State played Texas in the Fiesta Bowl yesterday and it was such a good game. It was close all the way to the end, but Ohio State lost in the last 3 minutes of the game. It was too bad because they had lost there last 2 bowl games (although they were in the national championship game,s which a lot of teams can't say)but they needed to win this to gain a little respect back. I think because it was a close game they did gain a little respect but it was still had to see them loose. Ohio state played Texas 3 years ago right when Josh and I started dating. At that game I was wearing my Texas jersey and he was wearing his Ohio State one. I will have to say after 3 years I have been converted! I have always liked Texas but was never really a die hard, so I don't feel like I have completely abandoned my team! Plus they are still my second favorite. Its been fun to get into football with Josh, and now we have another buckeye in the house to watch the games with his daddy!

Lincoln's Blessing

On Sunday Josh blessed little Lincoln, and John blessed sweet Marian. It has really been a lot of fun to have Lincoln, and Mary born on the same day because we can do a lot of things together. We decided because there were so many people that were able to be there for the blessing, and the timing of our churches didn't match up, that we would do it at John and Emma's house. I am so lucky to have a husband that is worthy to bless our little boy. The blessing was one of the sweetest things I have ever heard, and it came right from his daddy's heart. We were lucky enough to have our brothers, dad's and Pompom in the circle. How lucky Lincoln and Mary are to have family that is so supportive. I have been so blessed in these last 7 weeks, and each day I feel even more blessed. Thanks to everyone that made the efforts to be there! We love you all! More Pictures to come, I have to get them from my mom's camera! Oh and the cute white outfit didn't stay white for very long... right after the blessing in the middle of Marian's blessing he blow out of his diaper. Poor Morgan was holding him next to Collin and they thought it was so funny and got the giggles. It was so loud John even had to take a second before he continued. Naughty little Lincoln! Oh well, something to remember!

New Years Day!

Mom made tons of treats and dips to start out the new year! I think we all gained at least 10 pounds from that and Shipleys! It was fun to just eat, relax. and hang out, but it looks like Josh, Dad and John relaxed too much. I thought this was a cute picture of the 3 of them! Then of course little Lincoln was right there with them. This is his new thing, he loves to just bury his face. Its a little scary, when he is by himself, so I have to really make sure he is sleeping on his back, or be where I can see him! I love that little guy!

New Years' Eve

We all decided it would be cool to take a picture of the bubbly in all the glasses, mine just turned out the best, so I had to show it off!(David was a little bothered so don't rub it in) Like always we had our annual New Years Eve at Benihanas with grandma, Pompom, Suz, Jeff and there kids. I love that place, and it was just as good and just as fun as last year. After dinner we all went home and waited for the ball to drop. We had a little bubbly to start out the new year, and this was the first time Josh broke his year streak of no soda. Last year, he Brian and dad all decided to give up soda. Dad and Brian stopped throughout the year but Josh was determined to make it all year. He wanted to break it on a draft root beer but couldn't find one close enough so decided to break it on the celebration.

Chritmas Morning

Because John, Emma Josh, me and the kids all flew down on Christmas Day, everyone agreed it would be okay to have Christmas Morning on the 26th. The kids were so cute because they just went right along with it. Santa came that night so they put out treats for him and the reindeer and we all opened our Christmas Eve pj's. Then Christmas morning like always we waited at the top of the stairs for mom and dad to say it was okay to come down. We then went to look and see what Santa brought, opened presents from mom and dad and then like always had our Christmas breakfast. It was perfect and so great to be at home! This year was a little different in that we had our first Christmas in the new house. It was a little weird and a little sad but like dad, it was just as hard for them as it has been for us,but now we can start our new memories, and that is exactly what we did. The house looks great and like always mom did a great job decorating it. She really made it feel like home, which made it easier for all of us to start our new memories there. Here are just some fun video's I took this Christmas morning... you can mute them so you dont have to hear my voice!

G and PomPom's

For Christmas this year we were able to go to Texas... We we worried we were not going to be able to because of how little Lincoln was, but after we got the okay from the doctors we decided to fly down on Christmas day! First thing we did was head over to Grandma and Pompom's. It was so much fun to be with everyone. These are just a few pictures I took and thought were so cute! You have to thank Grammy for the outfit, she found it at a little boutique in Texas!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Meeting the great Grandparents

So after talking with 3 different pediatricians, and getting 3 okays to come down to Texas for Christmas, we flew down Christmas day just in time to make it for the annual Christmas at G and PomPom's. It was fun to see everyone, and especially fun to show off Lincoln to everyone. I was most excited for him to meet G and PomPom for the first time. Then the next day Granny came to visit and see him too. I am so lucky to have grandparents that care as much as they do, to make the efforts to come see there grand kids and great grand kids.

White Elephant

Every year my doctor plays a white elephant game, with good gifts. We just use the same rules as the white elephant game but he buys all the gifts and they are so good. This year i did really well... I came home with a flip recorder. It is so much fun, its little enough to just go in your purse, easy to use and holds tons of memory. I already love it! I am glad that I was lucky enough to win this gift because we were debating on buying a cam recorder with little Lincoln being here, but this will work just great until we save enough for a nice one.