Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Brian's Fire Truck!!

Lincoln has been asking for months to go on Brian's fire truck, so he of course took them and Lincoln and Trey just cried when we first got there!! Lincoln gets a little nervous but I was really surprised with Trey. Brian really made it so much fun for the kids. We all piled into the truck and took a ride around the block. He let them turn on the lights and climb up the ladder. It really was so much fun. Brian was really good to try and let Lincoln be the one to do the stuff because we don't live there but he was too nervous to do anything. He still talks about it anytime we see a fire truck. He will ask to go on Brian's fire truck so I hope next time we are there he will be a little more brave!

JB's Birthday!

Emma did such a great job with his party! It was airplane theme and that is Trey's thing so of course he loved it! The cousins really had a fun time playing together, I hate that we live so far! I cant tell you how many times Lincoln asks to play with his cousins, it makes me so sad.

The Candy Man

Brian to all the nieces and nephews up here is known as the candy man!! I think Brian was making up for lost time, becuase he took Lincoln to the store and bought him two 2-liter bottles of soda, ice cream, and i think at least 10 packages of candy! Lincoln was in heaven!!

Visit with Kam!

This was a quick visit with Kam, but it was so good to see her!! You can tell Trey juts loved her!! Don't you just hate your cute friends, I look so huge compared to her! Love you Kam and thanks for making the effort to come see us!

Adam, Collin, Eden and Shannon

Playing a little cards!! Collin was so good with Linc Before we went to Idaho we were able to spend the day with Adam and the kids and then that night with Shannon. I don't know who was more excited to see who, Collin or Josh. Collin has always been Josh's little buddy and Collin just clings to him. He told Shannon before i got there that I always get to snuggle Josh so the night we have a sleep over its his turn!! What a sweet relationship they have, it really is so cute! Poor little E in her cast! That girl had a full body cast but as happy as could be. Very independent for not really being able to move. We had a great time, and were so glad to be able to stay!

Feeding the Ducks

The last day we were there, i knew i needed to get the boys out before we sat in the car for 4 hours! Shaunie and Kel came with me to feed the ducks and show them the water fall/garden at BYU Idaho! Feeding the ducks was fun, until they started getting just a little too close! The boys loved it and I am so grateful for Shaunie and Kel, they were so good to play with the boys the whole time we were there. Lincoln and Trey really are lucky to have them as there aunts!