Thursday, August 30, 2012


Lincoln this morning was laying in bed with me and he and I were just talking and then he told me about the train tracks in his bed. He said mom I had trains and the tracks in my bed last night but i put them under my covers so that you wouldn't see them and know that i had them.

Trey and Lincoln thought it would be fun to make a big pile of clothes so they could jump into them off our bed(realizing after them emptied out clean and dirty clothes into this pile). After they had been in our room for a little bit Trey came out and said, "I emptied those things and put them under the clothes so you couldn't see so don't look in there." I went into the room and found a container of my q-tips under the clothes. I have two glass containers in my bathroom and he climbed up and put them in a different container but definitely knew he shouldn't be up there.


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  1. ha! i love it! :) "so don't look in there" -haha!