Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby #2

Yes this is a different baby... i think the most asked question when I show people is" are those of Lincoln" No, no... its true we are pregnant again!! We are really exited and even more excited that we are having another boy(if you couldn't tell). It came as a little shocker to us, but couldn't be more excited for Lincoln to have a brother to play with, especially because we are leaving where all the cousins are! I went in for the ultrasound the last Thursday, while my mom was still here! I don't think she has been able to be there for any of the kids ultrasounds, so we thought it would be fun for her to go! Christy, Morgan, and Brittany were also there to be apart of it! At first the baby had his legs crossed and so we were not sure we were going to see, but then she pushing on my belly, giving him a mini earthquake, and there he was legs open like he was sitting on copy machine for all of us to see! Its such a good shot almost embarrassing to show. It was fun to find out this time, but i think we will do the surprise thing again!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dinosaur Museum

Collin has had this thing with digging for dinosaur bones, so Josh told him we would take him to the museum. When we were at the pool with Kaden, and talking about going he was excited to go too, because he was not able to go for Adams birthday! It was actually a lot of fun. Kaden and Collin were so cute and funny to watch. Each new dinosaur they came to it was just as excited as the last one. Both the boys were so good and so much fun to take.

New Lindon Pool!!

Christy, Adam, Josh and I with all our kids decided to go try out the new Lindon pool! It was so much fun, we went back on Saturday! It has a lazy river, slide and a surfing thing! Its our new favorite pool so anyone that wants to go let us know! $5 for adults and $4 for kids- and then if you want to do the surfing thing its $10. Not bad!
It was really fun to watch the boys do the flow-rider. Josh found a bracelet(you need one to get on) the first day and went over with Justin. All the 9/10 year old boys were helping Josh learn the different tricks. It was so cute to watch because Josh would do a barrel roll and all the kids would cheer loud for him. Then, Justin did really good on the stand-up side, and showed up Josh. Josh kept doing it like he was snowboarding and I guess you distribute your weight different with this.


Lincoln has been standing himself up on everything but does not really have the best balance, so he has had some bad falls. I think he has hit most corners already. The other day he had a really bad one that started to bruise and swell getting a huge knot on his head so I hurry to get some ice(or peas). He was pretty good about letting me put it on him, but we just felt to bad.

The 4th at the Bunkers

I forgot to post these pictures... but the Sunday after the 4th we lit off some more fireworks.
I love the pictures with all the boys!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Diving 101...

So Lincoln has learn to climb up on everything put has to figured out how to get down. The other night Josh was sitting right next to him and figured this was the best way. Then of course it became a game!

First Tooth!

Finally it broke through on July 4th weekend and I finally pulled out the camera to get a picture!! I think the second one is is its way!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Pictures from the 4th

Yes i made him shirt... it didnt turn out as cute as it did in my head but i couldn't find a 4th of July shirt for him and was not about to allow my baby, for his first 4th, not have a shirt!!

Annual 4th of July Trip!!

So like always for the Petersen's family tradition we went to Idaho to see the 17th best in the nation's firework show! We went early in the morning to stake out our spot and spent most of the day at the park! We pushed our limit a little with Lincoln but were still able to stay and watch the fireworks. He was so into the fireworks but then half way through fell asleep... it had been a long day for our sweet little boy! He was so cute when we took him on a walk around the park! He was very tired so we were trying to get him to fall asleep. He is normally so good on his walks, he loves them. He just sits content most of the time, so when I heard him fussing I figured he had to be so tired. I went to get him out and hold him but noticed he was just laughing. He would hear the fireworks that kids were letting off and then start laughing. We tried to get it on video but of course it was not the same but still so cute!