Saturday, April 28, 2007

On Probation

We feel because we got put on probation it was only necessary for us to make sure everyone else was keeping the rules... We have had many complaints of boomshakalaka being up too long so i took direct quotes from the rule book (David and Jenny's blog) to prove it is only fair to put them on probation!!
7. New blogging rules: If you don't have a new entry in 3 days you are deleted from everyone's links.


Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Cozumel, Mexico
Ocho Rios, Jamaica
We just arrived in Texas about an hour ago, beginning our honeymoon adventure. Since we got married mid-semester we decided to take out honeymoon a month and a half later! We are going on a 7 day western Caribbean cruise that docks out tomorrow. We will be going to Jamaica Cozumel, and the Cayman Islands, sounds fun huh! We are way excited. So I will say we will not be able to blog for a week, so dont put us on probation like David and Jenny are on, we have a good excuse!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Our Love Cups

Josh and I went over to David and Jenny's house Monday night for dinner, which was awesome and for family home evening! It was so much fun, the last couple of times we have been there Josh gets in the car and says I feel bad for keeping them up so late, I just love talking to David and Jenny. Well for family home evening David read bits and pieces from president Faust's ensign talk, Enriching your Marriage, and also talked about the book The Five Love Languages. The book talks about the 5 different ways people show love, and how you may show love a different way then your spouse. So you may think you're being way considerate, but they might think you're nelglecting them, or not showing them the attention they need. It says you show love the way you want it to be shown to you, and sometimes spouses just need it expressed differently than one another. It is really interesting, and something we never thought about. So then Jenny had this idea where you write down all things you would love if your spouse did for you and put them all into a jar. So we all did that. So now at the beginning of each day I pick one from Josh's jar, and he picks one from mine, and we make sure to do that little thing sometime throughout the day. We thought this was such a good idea, we had to blog about it. I think everyone should try it, it really has been pretty fun. Not only is it fun to see what note Josh picked out that day but it makes me notice the other little things he does for me that I might of just over looked before.

Our T.V.

So finally here it is! After a month and a half of being married and no t.v. we finally decided it was time... We decided to go with a Costo purchase (which i know David and Jenny approve of). It's the same one that John and Emma have but of course smaller! It has been a lot of fun having it. We have watched probably 5 movies since last Saturday, i know we addicted now! When i told Josh I was going to blog about the T.V. he didn't want me to say we were taking it back. We think it might be a little much, and a little bigger than we need right now, but Josh knows football is right around the corner and already loves it too much to not want to take it back... so we will see.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Our Life

So since we are on probation, we thought it would only be fair to blog twice in the same day. You would think life would slow down, but the errands list is always long, and there is always something to get done. I still have a few things I have to get done for school, but asfter Tuesday, I'm done! Josh is about to start finals, so he is crazy busy and in the libraby all day.

This is just a picture after an 8-5 day of clinc... Josh took this picture because he thought it looked like I had shoulder pads in my jacket! But this is our life!

80's Dancing

Okay so i know we are on probation, but we had a little bit of an excuse. We have not been able to get Internet at our house for almost 2 weeks, so not only have we not blogged but we have not been able to see anyone other blogs. I decided it was getting to be a really long time, so i came over to the Belmont house and decided to blog

Last Thursday, a group of us decided to go 80's dancing. It didn't end up starting till 10:00 in Salt lake, so by the time we got there and danced for about 30-45 min. It was already past our bed time. It was so much fun, but kind of embarrassing because we realized we had not stayed out that late since before we were married. It really was a blast, but i think the best part was finding the clothes and getting ready.

Look at our killer outfits!

The gang! Crazy boys!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


I can't believe a month has come and gone since we were in Texas getting married. We are still so happy and so in love as that day. I love him so much and am so lucky to be with him. Josh and I were excited to celebrate our one month of being married on Tuesday! After our day at school we went to Outback, which was so good, and then went over to our friend Shannon's house and played a game called guitar hero! It is so much fun, and we played for a couple hours. Josh and I had only played once before this night, so we played on the easy and medium level-- but you should of seen everyone else on the hard and expert level. It was amazing! Josh and I were inspired at how good everyone and were thinking about getting one to play, now that we have time to. Here is us rockin out, or at least trying! Look at my cute husband of one month!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


So last night, Ohio State matched up with Florida for another championship game! We had a little party over at the Bunkers, with the family and a few of Josh's buddies! Sadly, Ohio State lost to Florida again in the National Championship. At least this time Josh wont be bumped for a few days, for one because its not football, also because this time Ohio State was predicted to lose, and mostly because as much as he does not like Florida he really does not like Noah, and yesterday, he had one of his worst games, only scoring 8 points! He said last night, as much as i love Oden and Conley I think I hate Noah more(that's pretty bad)!! So as sad as loosing was, it was fun to hang out with everyone!
~Not a fun blog, but with the new rule we didn't want to get kicked off!