Wednesday, April 30, 2008

All the way fromVirginia!

Finally something to blog about!! More like enough of being lazy!! Nat, Kari and Bixente came in from Virginia on Thursday and they were able to stay with us till Monday! It was so good to have them here. This was our first time to meet Bixente(who is cute as can be) and it was really good to get to know Nat and Kari better. The first and only time I have been able to be with them was at our wedding, and who knows what i said then... so this trip was so much fun for us! We went out to dinner, Nat got his Cafe Rio, went up the canyon, played some games, and just hung out. Its sad to see them go, but we know one day we will all meet back up in Texas!! ~ill post pictures when we get our computer back~