Sunday, September 26, 2010

As the Tradition Continues...

Growing up, we would spend the night at Grandma and Pompoms, and choose from a drawer of old big t-shirts, that we would wear for pjs... so mom decided to keep the tradition going. We came home from a date to get Lincoln and he was asleep on the couch wearing one of moms old t-shirts. It was just too cute!!


Angie Ward and I have started to alternate having our kids play at each others house, and this particular week I took Austin to help out a little while Julie was on bed rest! They all play so well together and I love having it for Lincoln. I think because he is the youngest it really helps him learn because he wants to do what they do. And ever since he has loved going to nursery again.
I gave the boys some grapes to share while I was getting lunch and came around the corner to find this... too cute to not have a picture.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

First Astros Game

My dad had some tickets to the game, and had Josh and Lincoln go with! Lincoln loves most sports but recently Grammy Bought him a tee, and baseball bat and he cant wait to play baseball at Grammy and Papas house. When I take them over to there house before work, Papa is normally there, ready and waiting to throw a few. These moments are the best to see.

No Sleeping, On His watch!

For some reason, Lincoln really does no like when people are sleeping, so he wakes them up. Poor Loopy, the prego. and getting woken up by her 19 month old nephew.

Of Course More golfing!

There is this Range in Richmond(about 15 min away), that Josh will take Lincoln too. Normally Trey and I will tag along and some times Papa. We cant ever tell Lincoln we are going or the whole time its like this:
Lincoln: "Daddy"
Josh: "Ya, Buddy"
Lincoln: "Golfing"
And then a minute later its repeated! Cute but does get a little old. Lincoln would go all day everyday if he could, he just loves it.

New/Old Videos

Our flip was being a little funny, so I was unable to put these on the blog. Now that its working, I wanted to make sure everyone got to see them. This first one was when Trey was first starting the crawl. He is now crawling everywhere and standing up on everything but thought these were too cute to not show.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Treys First Hair Cut

Lindsey, and Rachel... don't look to close!! Trey's hair is super curly and I love to put lotion in it to fix it because it just curls right up. Because I do this I liked it a little long, but will admit if its not fixed then it looks kind of crazy, so Josh finally convinced me to cut it. And of course it looks so cute, and he really looks like a little boy.

Galveston, Here we Come!

Josh and I were talking the other day and realized that the whole time we have been living here her we have not made it to galveston. Yes, this last year was a little busy but no more excuses. Other than my parents taking a minor detour to meet Chelsea, Nate and us at Surf Side instead of Stewart Beach(30 minutes away) the trip was great. Trey had sand everywhere, but he just loved it. Laughing and smiling the whole time. Lincoln was a little nervous at first but after he got out his baseball tee and played a little, he warmed up. He started to tell his daddy he wanted the "big ones". He loved the big waves, and wanted to jump over them!

Life Doesn't Get Much Better!

Trey, just living the life!!

More Pictures of the Putting Green

And of course first thing the next morning, "hole". So he went out for maybe an hour and watched Lincoln play. We did make him take a few water breaks but he mainly just played. He is very particular about where he wants you to sit, so anyone that would go outside to watch him, he would point and say, "sit here". If you ever got up he would run after you and show you where to sit again. Of course Trey was just happy to be outside with his big brother, and was thrilled when Lincoln let him play with his putter.