Monday, November 13, 2006


I thought because I had a little time today I would blog some of the things we have done that I have pictures of. I always love looking at ya'll pictures so i thought it would be fun for ya'll to see what we are doing when where not at school. Because we decided to go tricker-treating with Collin and my nieces and nephews in Pleasant Groove on Halloween night, we thought it would be fun to go see the Thriller a couple days before. Its a dance performance, shown at the U of U, that they do every year around Halloween time. It was so a lot of fun, and something different to do on the weekend. This is everyone that went after the show getting something to eat at the "Pie" border="0" /> This is Josh playing with the camera, i guess he was a little bored!

Our Date

So this last week Josh had a very busy week. He had three tests, and i dont think he did anything out of library other than eat and sleep. He was there all day every day. He has not recieved his scores yet but I'm sure he did great. He and I are both so busy with school, so I thought I would try and keep everyone updated. Everytime I make up a blog I save it so Josh can edit it, but now he says just send it, so this is what's new... It was one of our friends birthday's and so his girlfrind ask us to double with them. We went and ate dinner on the Roof (the resturant that looks over the Salt Lake City temple) and went on a carriage ride around downtown. It was fun to get dresses up and go out, we all had such a good time. I'm sitting at our table, what a view huh!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

~Skydiving for Jacqs Birthday~

We went to Sky Dive Utah on August 22nd for Jacqs birthday. Josh blind folded Jacqs for like and hour and surprised her here with all her best friends (Kambria, Lindsey, Sandra, Dane and Adam). Then for the next few hours we all jumped out of planes from 13ooo feet, all landing safely. It was such a thrill and it was so much fun.

The BOY's-- Dont let the smiles trick you, they where so scared!!


Were goofy but i love it!!

This is Josh and Jacqs landing. This was so much fun!

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Beginning

Here is my pride and joy...