Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fun Pictures with Daddy

Josh has been in final mode for the last 2 months but especially the last month, so he was gone a lot so had his computer with him, so i was not able to blog. Josh tried to really make a point to wake up early and study all day and then come home about an hour before the boys went down and play with them! The boys just ate it up! These are a few pictures I was able to get with them. (Except this morning, Lincoln convinced his Daddy to stay and cuddle)

Mothers Day

I had a delayed mothers Day this year because of how Josh's finals landed. So this last sunday we celebrated! I got to sleep in and he made a really good dinner! The boys were probably as crazy as I have ever seen them that night but things dont change with them just because of the day! I still get to be a mom, and do all the fun things that come with it!

Easter Outfits

Shannon sent me a really cute pattern for little boys ties so I decided to give it a try! They turned out really cute, a few things i would do different next time and no one should look too close but they are cute and cheap! There was one small problem the boys heads where too big to have Josh tie the tie and slip it over there heads so he had to tie it on them. Surprisingly Trey did awesome which is why I was able to get a picture.

Easter Morning and at Grammy's

of course mom's table was decorated so cute! Peeps... Daddy's favorite Easter treat, can you tell who agrees with him! I think the Easter "funny" as Lincoln calls him, did well this year with the swimming pool basketball hoop!

Dying Easter Eggs!

This is always a mess but really fun to watch the kids! The big secret to get off the dye is toothpaste. Last summer when we were about to take family pictures I left the kids with Josh and he let Linc have red Kool-Aid, so we looked up ways to get that off his face and toothpaste saved us for that and also for this!!

Some Videos of Egg Hunting!

Easter Egg Hunting at the Church