Monday, August 27, 2012

Denver with John, Emma and the kids!

To start out our 3 week trip, we first stopped in Denver to John and and their kids! We miss them so much! Our kids have always played pretty well together, and especially better now that the twins are older and understand sharing a little better. We had such a blast in Denver, staying outside as much as we could and wish we could of stayed longer. 

 Fun at the park!

 Asking them to do funny faces was the best way to get them to all look at the camera.

We went to a park, where there was a train and also a petty zoo. The kids just loved it! 

 Little River the kids played in. It took a minute for our little Texas boys to decide if they were going to get in the semi-cold water.

 John trying to prove something to his 5 year old son. Some things never change!


Doing a good job of sharing their Grammy but still getting their fix!

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  1. jacquelyn, you are gorgeous. did ya know that??