Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Summer in Texas already!!

I shouldn't even tell all the family away from us still suffering in the cold that we did cheat a little. We did heat the pool to take off the chill. For sure would of been too cold without but it was so nice outside! Trey is my crazy man! We definitely will have to watch him. Lincoln, not so much!! He is fine to float around in the float, or making sure someone is in arms length. He loves jumping off the end though so i think it will just take going out a few more times, but they both love the water and have tons of fun!

Houston Zoo with Aspen!

We met Jennifer and Aspen at the zoo on Friday and the kids had so much fun! Lincoln and Aspen really played well together and had so much fun! I was surprised Lincoln even went into the petting zoo but he loved it. He walked right up to the animal, barley touched and ran away as fast as he could. Then of course Trey just stood there hitting hit! We had to make sure he was being soft. What different personalities these two have.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Daddy and his boys

The weather was just perfect yesterday so we took the boys to the driving range, and of course they just loved it!!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

4 years!!

Well we made it!! There are so many times I cant believe its been 5 years including dating and other times it feels like its been a lot longer. I will say we have accomplished a lot in 4 years. A bachelor and master in accounting, a dental hygiene degree, 2 kids, a move to texas, almost 2 years of law school, and we hope much more accomplishments to come. I love Josh so much and couldn't be happier. Life gets hard and I'm grateful he and I can fight through it together. We had a great anniversary, nothing big but a nice date, just the two of us, and we loved it!