Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So today I had to take the test an drink the drink... you know THE DRINK! The drink that everyone told me was horrible and i would hate and dread every pregnancy! To be honest it was not that bad. I will have to say the bruise on my arm, where they had to draw blood was probably the worst part. Maybe i just don't have very heightened tasted buds, or maybe I just knew it was going to be awful and so I prepared myself too much. Who knows? Either way I think it kind of tasted like fruit punch. Maybe not the best fruit punch, and I probably wouldn't pick it out at the gas station as something to quench my thirst, but not too bad!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

25 Week Belly Shot!

This is our friend Amber, we play all the intramural with her and her husband and she is due the same time as Emma and I with her first!!
So can you believe its already been another month! It was time for Emma and I's monthly belly shot! I cant believe how much has change in a little over a month. I feel like my belly is huge and there is no where for it to go but out! I guess that's what happens when your short, and pregnant!


Another year, Christy and I made our strawberry jam together! It makes me feel domestic, and love to eat it! I already had my first few sandwiches this week, and it was just what I had rememebr it, Full of sugar but so good!


On Thursday we able to watch Collin for the afternoon so we went

to the zoo, or as Collin would call it, the gazo! John and Gus were without Emma for the week and probably so bored so they came with us! It was very hot, but the boys only lasted for a few hours anyways, so it ended up being perfect!