Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chillin' in his chair!

I was trying to get out the door and I laid Shane down in the boys movie chair, came back maybe 2 minutes later and he was out! Then later that night put him back in it and he was all smiles, he loved it! Lincoln wanted to sit by Shane but then the camera came out and he then made sure not to smile, or at least try not to smile!

After Church

I remember when my mom would make the girls all match and it drove me crazy. I remember saying "Ill never make my kids match" Now i find myself only buying stuff that matches, it just so cute! Yet. another moment of eating my own words!

Come and Ride the Train!!!

As most of you know we love trains at our house. Everything is a train, we have chalk train(that we draw on the chalkboard), money train, lego train, regular train, block train, and then today it was make your own train. Find any basket you could and dump whatever was in it out(fun huh). Then Lincoln the conductor rounder his troops to get in the train for a ride!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Like father like son

We went to go to bed and I peeked over to look at him and found him calm and happy as can be sucking his thumb. Just a little p.s. Our little man is sleeping like a champ!! He likes to be held most of the day and does not take great naps but has be consistently sleeping from about 9 to 730!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Few New Family Pictures

My mom likes to send a christmas card out every year and the only picture I had of the 5 of us was the one in the hospital. I was okay sending it out but it definitely was not a shinning moment for me. Also, Josh was still in the heat of finals so grabbing him to take a pictures was near impossible. But once he was finished and mom mom had not sent out the card we got a few outfits we had that semi went together and had my mom take a picture in the backyard. I will say the boys did great and we are happy to have a cute picture.

Shane's Blessing 1/01/2012

This was the first blessing Josh did at the church and he did a great job. He was not big on the idea because he gets emotional, but he did a great job. Shane even cried through most of it and he kept his composure, stayed calm and really did a great job. I am so grateful that Josh is a worthy priesthood holder and he has been able to bless all 3 of our boys. They are so lucky and will one day really appreciate that. We are grateful for those that could make and wish that everyone could be there but understand life does not allow it, but appreciate the efforts made.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New Years' Eve

Emma planned a great party for our kids, they really had so much fun! Of course our tradition is going to Benihanas, which was so much fun! Lincoln really liked watching them cook and of course loved the part when he make the volcano and then push it along like a "train". Then when he put the zucchini down he said "look there are all my freight cars". Shane was a little needy which made dinner a little difficult but it sure made for some good leftovers!
When we got home we had a dance party with glow sticks, hats and little air horn blowers. Then we played a few games with them. A little twister(but we modified it to make it a little easier for them). Then Emma would whisper to one of the kids an animal and they had to "act it out" and give the sound so the other kids could guess what animal it was. Then we had out own countdown at 9!! We put the kids to bed, played some games, busted out the martinelli and celebrate the real deal at midnight!

My Little Monster is 2!!

I can't believe trey is already 2!! He is so endearing to us right now! He has the best personality! He is always happy, loves his brothers but especially loves Lincoln. he loves and wants to do everything he is doing. Trey has a hard birthday because its right after Christmas, so everyone is tired from everything that goes along with that. Josh and I talked about how important it would be to make sure his birthday is just as special for him as it is for the other kids. I think it actually has positives with it too! So far we have been able to celebrate with extra family around which is really fun. This year John, Emma and there kids were here so we went to the aquarium(which i posted pictures of already), came home had cake and ice cream with our family and then grandma, pompom, jeff, Suz and their kids. Trey has been into diggers, and construction trucks so I thought a cake along that theme would be fun. Trey decided he wanted a train cake just like Lincoln. So train cake it was! You can tell from the pictures how happy our little Trey is. He is definitely mischievous but really a great kid!