Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New Years' Eve

Emma planned a great party for our kids, they really had so much fun! Of course our tradition is going to Benihanas, which was so much fun! Lincoln really liked watching them cook and of course loved the part when he make the volcano and then push it along like a "train". Then when he put the zucchini down he said "look there are all my freight cars". Shane was a little needy which made dinner a little difficult but it sure made for some good leftovers!
When we got home we had a dance party with glow sticks, hats and little air horn blowers. Then we played a few games with them. A little twister(but we modified it to make it a little easier for them). Then Emma would whisper to one of the kids an animal and they had to "act it out" and give the sound so the other kids could guess what animal it was. Then we had out own countdown at 9!! We put the kids to bed, played some games, busted out the martinelli and celebrate the real deal at midnight!

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