Sunday, January 01, 2012

Christmas Eve Pj's

Tradition in my family was to open 1 present on Christmas Eve, a pair of matching pj's! Because the 2 older boys are into to Thomas as much as they are, it was only perfect to have Christmas Thomas pj's. I found these pj's sets at target and of course didn't have Shane's size, so my new project this Christmas was making pj pants! It was actually pretty easy, definitely would of done some things different the second time around but kind of fun!
Josh also got me some new pj's this year and I love them. Some new sweat pants and then a U of H t-shirt(my typical pj set)!
We didn't get a picture with all 3 of them because Trey decided to be a chump, so we got one of him in the corner! Oh well, you win some you loose some! Maybe next year!

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