Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My Little Monster is 2!!

I can't believe trey is already 2!! He is so endearing to us right now! He has the best personality! He is always happy, loves his brothers but especially loves Lincoln. he loves and wants to do everything he is doing. Trey has a hard birthday because its right after Christmas, so everyone is tired from everything that goes along with that. Josh and I talked about how important it would be to make sure his birthday is just as special for him as it is for the other kids. I think it actually has positives with it too! So far we have been able to celebrate with extra family around which is really fun. This year John, Emma and there kids were here so we went to the aquarium(which i posted pictures of already), came home had cake and ice cream with our family and then grandma, pompom, jeff, Suz and their kids. Trey has been into diggers, and construction trucks so I thought a cake along that theme would be fun. Trey decided he wanted a train cake just like Lincoln. So train cake it was! You can tell from the pictures how happy our little Trey is. He is definitely mischievous but really a great kid!

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