Sunday, January 01, 2012

Christmas Morning 2011!

Excitement doesn't get much better than this! By this picture you would have no idea he has a million trains already at home! I love it!
Littlest man taking advantage of Christmas gifts
Angry Birds--the game of the year!
(his rowing train)
The stomach flu had been going around our ward and friends i feel like for a about a month. We have tried to stay away because we really didn't want the kids, Josh during finals and especially Shane to get it. I guess we made it as long as we could because Trey was throwing up all night and then into Christmas Eve and Lincoln started on Christmas Eve and a little Christmas morning. Lincoln was not as bad but it was sad. He was so excited Christmas morning and did have a lot of fun but after about an hour into I think the excitement wore off a little and was not feeling well at all. In the middle of opening presents he asked to go to bed. It was so sad and the timing was horrible, but nothing we could do.
Lincoln wrote a letter to Santa asking for a rowing train (so of course so did Trey) and he was so happy to see that Santa was able to bring him a train! All the gift givers this year were very smart, two of everything!!
I think the more kids we have and the older our kids get the more work that goes into Christmas as a whole. I can;t imagine the amount of time, energy and work our parents went through and still go through! I'm amazing the older I get and the more experience I have with my own family how much more I appreciate my own parents. We love you guys, thank you!

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