Friday, May 18, 2012

Petersen Family Tradition


When Leonard graduated, all the kids and Kathie put on cap and gown because it was a family effort, and they all did it together. I loved the idea so here is our Petersen Graduating Family!


  1. oh my heck. i am at work and i really hope no one walks in cuz i have totally been crying looking thru these! haha. you are not the only emotional one! sheesh. i am so proud of you guys and i think i cried cuz i can relate to those feelings! i got a glimpse of it with steve's bachelors but i am so excited for when we can say we're done! you guys are awesome. so excited for you that it's over with. josh, you look so handsome! i was showing my coworker "isn't my brother so handsome?? look how great he looks!" i love what trey yelled out. so funny. and i love josh waving and with his fist up when he got his diploma. way to go guys!!! love and miss you seriously so much! come visit me. :)

  2. Aw I love that tradition! And so true, it takes family support for sure. Congrats to ALL of you. So excited!