Friday, May 18, 2012

Loving on Papa and Grandma Petersen(Graduation weekend)

 Hiding under the bed! I'm not sure who is having more fun in this picture!

 Snuggling and sharing ice at the hotel

 Didn't take but 2 hours before this little man was sleeping in Papa's arms!

This was the first time for our little Shane to meet his grandpa! It was so much fun to watch him loving on him and playing with the boys. Lincoln and Trey just loved him. Again after spending just a few days with Leonard I am so glad and know how lucky Shane is to be named after his Papa Petersen. I love Leonard and am so grateful for his love and support. We were so grateful to have them here. Kathie is always so good especially with the babies. She is always taking the baby(in this case Shane) from me and I love it. I love my little monsters but its nice to have the break and she is definitely good at giving the break. I know Kathie was a mom of 8 because when she is around she always knows what the kids want and especially knows what helps me as a mom. I love watching her with the boys, because she lights up every time she sees them. You can tell she just loves them to pieces.

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